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25 times the comic panels of this artist 'purrfectly' captured what it's like to have a pet cat

Being a cat's human is not an experience one can fully prepare for until they have a feline arrogantly roaming around their house.

25 times the comic panels of this artist 'purrfectly' captured what it's like to have a pet cat
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Learn To Speak Cat

Cats might make for an adorable house pet but they can also be an absolute menace. Cat parents know that it's impossible to decode what goes on inside a feline mind or what kind of mischief they might cook up at the very next moment. You might find them waiting patiently by the rat hole or finding ways to get into the refrigerator. Sometimes they make a mess of your laundry and turn your bedroom walls into scratching posts. These furballs refuse to leave you alone even when you lock the doors of your washroom for some much-needed privacy. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

It seems a British illustrator named Anthony Smith has observed these feline tendencies closely throughout his lifetime. The artist captures the cat spirit perfectly in his amusing single-panel comics that are as adorable as they are witty. His kitty illustrations are part of a series called "Learn To Speak Cat" which depicts cats and the lives they get to live by their own rules. These single-panel comics, which Smith shares on his social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, won't fail to amuse you and fellow cat lovers who can relate to all these comic strips.

1. Sometimes they act weird


2. The cat came prepared for the dive


3. Your bed belongs to your cat now


4. That is an alarming thought for cats


5. Deploying every means to bring out the mouse


6. Cats never say no to a good outing


7. Putting a collar around your cat is difficult


8. When the dog becomes their scratching post


9. Cats won't leave you alone in washrooms either


10. Bringing an offer you can't refuse


11. They fall asleep in weird positions too


12. Cats have a beef with the cuckoo clock


13. No dog is ever safe from the house cat


14. Who else is going to open their cat food cans?


15. The bird has had it


16. Meowing means only one thing


17. If not ice then let it be mice


18. Nothing as appealing as garbage


19. Who else is going to open the fridge for them?


20. All they want for Christmas is cat food


21. Meow?


22. The only beauty that matters to cats


23. They never run out of curiosity


24. Laundry mess-ters


25. Cats always want to rule the world


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