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25 times pets proved that they provide the best emotional support to their owners

These tweets reveal the times when humans got the much-needed love and assurance from their mute buddies and it's absolutely emotional yet wholesome.

25 times pets proved that they provide the best emotional support to their owners
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @vegafallingstar

People who love animals know pretty well that they are not selfish creatures who stick to people just to get fed and receive shelter over their heads. Pet parents know it even better that their pets are more loyal, thoughtful and selfless compared to any human they have in their lives. Some people even believe that they and their pets have been destined for each other.

Image Source: Pixabay | huoadg5888
Representative Image Source: Pixabay | huoadg5888

It's natural to think that way because having a furry friend or any other kind of pet at your home who bonded well with you for years, is bound to provide you some level of emotional support and stress relief. In good or hard times, sickness or health, these mute angels are always by the side of their owners, picking up on their fluctuating emotions to comfort them in the best way possible.

So when a Twitter user @its_me_your_mom shared a tearjerking story about encountering an unfamiliar dog who arrived at the perfect moment to comfort her post the death of her cat, several Twitter users poured in to share tales of emotional and wholesome interactions with their own pet or someone else's. Many of these people agreed that there is nothing better than your pet buddies reading your emotions and giving you their much-needed company. Here are 25 of the most precious confessions by pet parents which are bound to make you sentimental.

1. The kitty can feel the void:


2. An emotional gathering:


3. They can understand our loss:


4. Substitute cat for comfort:


5. Always there to our rescue:


6. Dogs are better than boyfriends:


7. Guarding their humans when needed:


8.  Did the dog overhear the bitter conversation?


9. Cats cuddling into your arms is the best feeling:


10. She knew what he needed:


11. Your most trusted neck pillow:


12. They understand emotions better than humans:


13. Sharing their losses:


14. Till the end of the line, buddy:


15. Wheelchair isn't keeping away a true friend:


16. Rest in peace to the little angel:


17. And he took over the job like a pro:


18. Never leaving their humans alone in crisis:


19. They just know:


20. Sweetest good boy:


21. God bless the corgi:


22. Crying with your pets is therapeutic:


23. He was friends when it was important:


24. The dog passed the vibe check:


25. Maybe the cat's spirit sent a message through the dog:


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