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23 times this group spit hard truths about being poor

Being poor is expensive but those who have never had to worry where their next meal comes from, will never know what that feels like.

23 times this group spit hard truths about being poor
Image source: Twitter

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 6, 2021. It has since been updated.

The rich have been asking poor people to sacrifice their morning coffee from Starbucks to save money for so long that it's become a joke to call out their hypocrisy. The government has for far too long supported the rich on the pretext that wealth and money would trickle down to the bottom of the pyramid but it never has. If anything, income inequality has gotten wider and wider. Almost 50 years of tax cuts to the rich have benefitted no one but the rich, revealed a study by the London School of Economics, reported CBS News. The study showed the "trickle-down" economics of eventually boosting jobs and incomes for everyone never really worked.

The study examined 18 developed countries—from Australia to the United States—over a 50-year period from 1965 to 2015. It was found that the per capita gross domestic product and unemployment rates remained identical after five years in countries that slashed taxes on the rich. The only constant was the income of the rich which grew exponentially, reported CBS News. The rich could certainly do with getting off their high horse when doling out financial advice to the poor. Fighting poverty is like trying to stay afloat during a rip tide while rich people on cruise ships refuse to throw you a life jacket but instead, tell you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and swim to the shore. The reality is that you can imagine what it's like to be poor, but it's impossible to really understand what it really feels like until you've experienced it yourself. Poverty is a vicious cycle, and everything from putting food on the table to dreading a visit from a debt collector and the stress takes a toll on your mental health.


Many who have lived through hard times have taken down 'financial gurus' and pseudo-financial experts for doling out hollow advice online reported Bored Panda. A Reddit group is opening up about their experiences and what it feels like to be stuck in a vicious cycle of debt and suffering while also taking down obnoxious rich people. Here are 23 times they were on the money:

1. "Daddy's special boy"



2. It's not a budget issue



3. The art of denying credit



4. "Save money by making coffee at home."



5. What people need is money.



6. Poverty consumes you



7. Siri, describe a vulture: 



8. It's expensive to exist.



9. "Poor people are bad at saving money" 



10. There's no winning in this game



11. Even dying is expensive 



12. This bird has more money than me





13. When the path less trodden leads you to the same place 


14. Being poor is expensive



15. No thanks, keep the advice 



16. The truth doesn't care for your propaganda



17. Millenials and their avocados



18. Robinhood, but the opposite



19. Swooping in



20. They had us in the first half...



21. Money does buy you happiness



22. Not all money is the same



23. Organizing my finances.


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