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25 times people combatted their workday blues with some exceptional use of sarcasm

Worklife can get a bit dull at times but one can always depend on a colleague's scathing sense of sarcasm which can brighten up one's day. Here are 25 humorous posts for the Chandler in you.

25 times people combatted their workday blues with some exceptional use of sarcasm
Cover Image Source: (L) Reddit/u/Imjohnathan (R) Reddit/u/jimthehacksawduggan

Work-life is challenging and leaves you with some of the most bizarre experiences. When workplaces have one's temper rising, the best way to tackle it is perhaps sarcasm. Whether it's pertaining to behavior, rules, work ethic and more, sarcasm truly adds much-needed flavor to the industrial craze.

Representative Image Source: Pexels/Edmond Dantès
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Edmond Dantès

You may have come across sarcastic employees but what about sarcastic material and experiences? Preferably a work code or rule or even maybe a note. There are a plethora of instances that can elicit a sarcastic action or response. Here are 25 sarcastic finds from Reddit that people have randomly come across during work hours and couldn't help but share!

1. Don't worry 'bout da ink

Image Source: Reddit/u/maskedme
Image Source: Reddit/u/maskedme

 2. Where's Ed?

Image Source: Reddit/u/Imjohnathan
Image Source: Reddit/u/Imjohnathan

3. Personality matters

Image Source: Reddit/u/gem_bug
Image Source: Reddit/u/gem_bug

4.  Brave move, real brave move

Image Source: Reddit/u/crunch865
Image Source:  Reddit/u/crunch465

5. We've all been there

Image Source: u/hootersbutwithcats
Image Source: Reddit/u/hootersbutwithcats

6. Noted!

Image Source: u/jimthehacksawduggan
Image Source: Reddit/u/jimthehacksawduggan

7. Now that's not very nice Debbie 

Image Source: u/DastinationKepler
Image Source: Reddit/u/DastinationKepler

8. Keeping it simple

Image Source: u/jyc23
Image Source: Reddit/u/jyc23

9. Oops?

Image Source: u/Arjun7021
Image Source: Reddit/u/Arjun7021

10. Givers should have limits because takers don't have any

Image Source: u/Jazullo913
Image Source: Reddit/u/Jazullo913

11. When it's your coworker's last day but you want him to be remembered at the office

Image Source: u/maxxxl
Image Source: Reddit/u/maxxxl

12. When the coffee machine is outdated and it is time for an upgrade

Image Source: u/iseewithsound
Image Source: Reddit/u/iseewithsound

13. When you get stung by a bee in your mouth and the boss makes the most of it

Image Source: u/Sir_Z
Image Source: Reddit/u/Sir_Z

14. Daves only

Image Source: u/reddituser
Image Source: Reddit/u/reddituser

15. When you leave your snack unattended

Image Source: u/HolePunchJim
Image Source: Reddit/u/HolePunchJim

16. Strictly follow policies only

Image Source: u/aezro
Image Source: Reddit/u/aezro

17. Hey, no peeking!

Image Source: u/PixelWarrior5253
Image Source: Reddit/u/PixelWarrior5253

18. Corporate life is full of tough choices

Image Source: u/Begna112
Image Source: Reddit/u/Begna112

19. Just tall things

Image Source: u/tgabben
Image Source: Reddit/u/tgabben

20. When your office holds an easter egg competition and you choose to go minimalistic

Image Source: u/Pattmost20
Image Source: Reddit/u/Pattmost20

21. Friendzoned

Image Source: u/jcravenw
Image Source: Reddit/u/jcravenw

22. Anything this good and free is suspicious

Image Source: u/Reddituser
Image Source: Reddit/u/Reddituser

23. Liar Liar

Image Source: u/BigTwubble
Image Source: Reddit/u/BigTwubble

24. Nom, Nom

Image Source: u/Exalted81
Image Source: Reddit/u/Exalted81

25. When you subtly don't like your coworker

Image Source: u/CrazyChrain
Image Source: Reddit/u/CrazyChrain

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