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25 times stereotypically 'masculine' men expressed their love for stereotypically 'feminine' things and it's so wholesome

In most cases, many stereotypically 'masculine' men are judged harshly for liking 'girly' things. Things don't have to be 'just for boys' or 'just for girls.'

25 times stereotypically 'masculine' men expressed their love for stereotypically 'feminine' things and it's so wholesome
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Even in the 21st century, a lot of things are considered socially or stereotypically "tomboyish" or "girly." Blue for boys and pink for girls is the best example from all the gender reveals. Perceiving something to be conventionally or subjectively 'feminine' wasn't all that wrong until people started seeing it as derogatory. In most cases, many stereotypically 'masculine' men are judged harshly for liking "girly" things. Things don't have to be 'just for boys' or 'just for girls.' Truth be told, these are just human things and don't show a need to be labeled or categorized in a way that fits the norm of specific sexuality, gender, or sex. 

Breaking these stereotypes is what we're here for. Reddit user u/CowboyLikeMegan asked with curiosity, "Masculine folks of Reddit, what is something stereotypically feminine that you enjoy?" Here are 25 wholesome times masculine men revealed their liking for feminine things. 

1. Love for babies but not in a weird way 

"I love babies. Want to get a t shirt that says, 'can I hold your baby? I'm not weird'" -u/CriscoCamping

2. Spa day with Moscato rose

"I'm a 6'3" 215 pound muscular big guy and fighter. One of the best days of my life was a full day at the spa drinking a bottle of moscato rose after at the spa resort. Felt like a completely different person" -u/Mcnuggetjuice

3. Flowers 

"I love the smell of flowers, specifically Jasmine. It literally makes my day when I walk past it. I take a couple of seconds to inhale the smell every time." -u/silenthombre

4. Well-scented candles 

"Candles! I love wasting hours of my life sniffing each candle at stores, and getting excited when I find extravagant scents!" -u/soph_1082 

5. Braiding and doing nails 

"Braiding and doing my daughters hair and nails" -u/Stayathomedadof6

6. Baking 

"I adore baking. Making my family a batch of cookies or brownies, making the boys something nice when they come over, or just doing a simple mug cake for me. The process is tons of fun, and tbh I look amazing in an apron, but for me theres something about giving the people I care about a warm bite to eat that just makes me really happy." -u/No_Combination3623

7. Knitting

"44 years old male, 6 foot 4, 250 pounds and 22 years of hitting the gym 4 to 5 times a week bald with a long beard. I didn't actually try to look as I do, it just happened over time. I like knitting and wearing colorful socks. I know at least 10 different sock patterns and have a trunk of especially beautiful wool I collected for special occasions. I currently have three pair of socks Im knitting in parallel and I always continue the one with the colors that match my current emotions best." -u/thiscantbetheanswer

8. Lavender-scented bubble bath 

"Every Sunday, I have a nice long lavender scented bubble bath with Epson salt. I watch episodes of Star Trek TNG and sip a cocktail. Also, I run a forge on the weekends." -u/Sad-Concept-4191

9. Salad for dinner

"I often order salad for dinner at restaurants. I particularly enjoy a nicely made Cobb salad. I even appreciate how lovely it looks before I ruin it by eating it. My wife is petite. She never orders a salad. It’s steak or steak and lobster for her. I don’t think the plates have ever been placed correctly for us. I’m always served the steak and her the salad. I like a nice salad. So what?" -u/grandpacracy

10. Fruity drinks 

"Fruity drinks. Look, alcohol tastes bad. It is literally a poison that comes from spoiled food. I wanna cover some of that up with sugar, and to hell with anyone who tries to tell me I can't." -u/iijjjijjjijjiiijjii

11. Basic human affection 

"Hugs" -u/theProgrameer

12. All pink desktop setup 

"I'm a 6'3" 230lb straight guy with an all pink pc/desktop setup" -u/tesails

13. Making Porcelain earrings

"I do large sculptures as a hobby but on rare occasions, I make cute little English porcelain earrings." -u/Muncleman

14. Expressing affection 

"Being affectionate to my male friends. Telling them that I love them and care about them. Men could stand to do this more." -u/vaccinalberet32

15. Fabulous in make-up 

"6"5 200 pound dude here. I let my girlfriend practice makeup on me, and i look absolutely fabulous" -u/brightredhoodie

16. Waxing and shaving 

"I get my eyebrows waxed every week for the last 25 plus years. I shave my legs and the entire rest of my body every other day and everyday in the summer time. I get my back waxed regularly. Hair trimmed every week. I love pampering myself. I’m straight as an arrow but I like doing some of the 'girly' things Lol" -u/Hopeful-Mirror1664

17. Smelling good 

"Women's deodorant. They smell so much better than the men's options." -u/listen2whatursayin

18. Cooking for others

"Cooking, but not showy cooking. I get home at 515 and need to have a nutritious dinner for four on the table at 530 cooking. Prepping a meal for my picky eater separately cooking. Eating standing up while I clean the kitchen cooking. I strive to feed the family and leave the kitchen cleaner then when I started. I make it a ritual, the way my mom did." -u/bruk_out

19. Self-care 

"I love skincare and haircare. I don’t think that’s a very feminine thing at all, but apparently in my culture it is? I love being able to practice this sort of self care and grow my hair out and what not, but I get told a lot that’s it’s kinda gay and weird for me to do. But I love being able to work on myself and have confidence in my looks, so it’s something I do to take care of myself!" -u/UltraConic

20. Swiftie in the house 

"Huge Swiftie. Fearless was the soundtrack to my '09." -u/Jedi-Ethos

21. Not having a messy home 

"Leaning heavily on the 'stereotypically feminine' qualifier, I really like housework. I like to clean, I like getting the laundry done, I enjoy cooking and making-up new recipes." -u/A_Rented_Mule

22. Pedicures

"Pedicures, take care of your damn feet! Dudes give me guff about it, and those dudes have neglected feet." -u/Kitchen-Explorer3338

23. Home decorating

"Home Decorating, I used to work at a thrift store and was tasked with helping set up the bi-weekly window displays. Always liked design and well paired color schemes." -u/revs201

24. Being emotionally invested enough to cry

"I cry at movies all the time. Even if its just some action shlock if there is one scene where the grizzled divorced cop reconnects with his distanced hacker thief kid im wiping away tears. Its just more fun to let yourself be emotionally invested." -u/AGnawedBone

25. Katy Perry and K-pop

"I listen to katty perry & kpop. My line of work? Refractory construction worker" -u/iurigregorio

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