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25 things that people are missing about the pandemic lockdown in 2020: 'Clear skies for miles'

The world seemed to pause during 2010, relieving individuals from the pressures of everyday life and societal expectations.

25 things that people are missing about the pandemic lockdown in 2020: 'Clear skies for miles'
Cover Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

The Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 was harsh for a lot of us. While we weathered the same storm, we found ourselves in unique boats. Having acknowledged that, before the anxiety and paranoia about health and toilet paper kicked in, during the initial days, people found a moment to catch their breath. The world came to a halt and there was no pressure to perform. When u/Sweethereaftertime asked on Reddit, "What do you miss about quarantine in 2020?" From empty roads to binge-watching Netflix, people recalled a lot of peaceful moments.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | EKATERINA  BOLOVTSOVA
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ekaterina Bolovtsova

Here are 25 things people miss about the Pandemic in 2020 and it reflects on what we truly need.

1. No traffic 

"The traffic. There was none. It was glorious." -u/whatisreddittou

2. Toilet paper race

"100 mph looking for Toilet paper. It was rad." -u/differencematte

3. Less pollution 

"No smog in Los Angeles. Clear skies for miles and miles." -u/Ok-Brain9190

4. Altruistic senses 

"I’m an IT infrastructure guy that ran one of our data centres in our main building, once everyone was sent home only a handful of us would go to the office every one in a while to check everything was ok. It was weird seeing everyone’s desks just left as they were for two years. I did water a lot of the plants though." -u/Compkriss

5. Less garbage 

"It was also beautiful to see no takeaway containers thrown into the verges. Within a day of local fast food opening, there was rubbish back on the road." -u/LurkingMcLurkerface

6. Fewer hours, more pay 

"I worked in retail. We had a max capacity of 10 customers in the store at one point (we have about 45ish I think at any given time), shortened hours, more pay. People were kinder and more generous." -u/boxoffingernails

7. No fake smiles 

"The benefit of the mask being that we didn't have to fake smile at every customer" -u/lunar-goddess93

8. Catching a breath 

"The lack of a need to be accomplishing anything. We were all stuck inside. There was no FOMO, there was no 'yOu nEeD tO bE aDvAnCiNg iN YoUr CaReEr GeT tHoSe gAinS" bullshit, there was just '. Hey, we can't go anywhere for a while. Hang out, do what you can to stay sane, watch some Tiger King and get into botany. It was a worldwide catching of our breath (and yes I see the irony in that statement.)" -u/smugfruitplate·

9. Self-learning 

"I got my masters online during COVID and spent hella time in the home gym getting those gains."-u/NumberVsAmount

10. Time management 

"Working from home, when things calmed down they decided to let me keep working from home and it feels like i have way more free time even tho im still working" -u/cvill--

11. Doing nothing 

"Being home and doing close to nothing (playing Animal crossing) with no guilt." -u/MotherOfThePaws

12. No need to go outside 

"I don't need any excuses to not go outside." -u/JohnSimth20211101

13. No social expectations 

"No social expectations. I hate feeling like a bad friend/person because I'm too tired to attend every social function people I know invite me to. It was nice having my time to do with as I pleased with no expectations from anyone else." -u/dameon5

14. Feeling like we mattered 

"Working UPS we didn’t get any time off and it was like peak Christmas levels of deliveries to make daily. For some strange reason I was happy, maybe it was feeling like my job really mattered and I could see progress everyday" -u/Maleficent-Winter187

15. No pressure to achieve anything 

"My partner got to stay home from work for over a month of the first lockdown too so it was just us, in the house, cooking, watching shows, taking our little daily walk. Knowing that no one else was achieving anything or doing anything I should be doing was just so calming. There was just as close to no pressure to do or achieve anything as I’ve ever experienced." -u/Temporary_Notice_713

16. Feeling of unity 

"I miss feeling connected to everyone and that we were all in this together" -u/Chance_Quantity7317

17. Low sense of urgency 

"It seemed a lot of the normal petty bullsh*t went away, as everyone tried to figure out their place, and path, in a new and unstable world. It's too bad that it takes such disasters to create this feeling." -u/amiddleworth

18. Comfortable being vulnerable 

"People seemed more open to talking about their challenges, were learning to be alone (or going crazy trying). Also the pursuit of hobbies" -u/Plane-Ad-2389

19. Empty planes 

"Flight attendant here - I miss the empty planes. We'd go to work just to fly on empty planes and watch movies or read. The few times we did have passengers, we wouldn't have a beverage service inflight, we'd just give them a goody bag (with bottled water, a snack and sani wipes) during boarding. Good times." -u/Additional_Score_929

20. Self-indulgence 

"I got back into my favorite cartoon and did fan art again the first month or two of lockdown. So watching the show again I'd have my dog next to me in bed which is right against the window. I was still in school but work was light and i spent a lot of time playing happy hobbit music as i drew from my show and my dog looked outside. " -u/wert989

21. Comfortable pregnancy

"I had my whole pregnancy and first months of motherhood during the full lockdown. It was awesome - didn’t have to try to go to the office while nauseous or anything. Got to do my whole pregnancy in yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirts. Gave birth in the hospital with no one but my husband. No visitors or anything - which was amazing, just let me bond with my daughter." -u/MissAmanda11790

22. Online teaching 

"I'm a teacher and I liked online teaching. Classroom management was essentially taken off my plate completely. I could get through my lesson without being interrupted or dealing with crappy behavior." -u/thatlosergirl

23. Online learning

"I actually really liked online school I thought it helped me learn a lot better" -u/AV8ORboi

24. Land of introverts 

"I'm an introvert so I miss everything. Minus the panic and anxiety." -u/spirituality1011

25. Video games and binge watching

"Sleeping in every day, golden opportunity to avoid toxic family, and my online d&d group. No one has time for 6 hour gaming sessions on weeknights anymore." -u/unlovelyladybartleby

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