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Artist turns 'edible into the unforgettable' with stunning food portraits of celebs and characters

His passion for art and cooking started at a young age, growing up in New York City, surrounded by museums and galleries, and taking art history classes.

Artist turns 'edible into the unforgettable' with stunning food portraits of celebs and characters
Image Source: Instagram/Harley's Food Art

An artist is utilizing their fridge as a crayon box to produce unique pieces of art. Harley Langberg, a 34-year-old father and investment company partner, has a one-of-a-kind side hustle where he creates food art and shares it on his Instagram account, @harleysfood_art. Langberg, who has over 40,000 followers, posts stunning photos of his impressive collection of plated artworks, some of which require up to five hours to complete, reports TODAY.

One of his art pieces is a cookie dough Al Roker and the weathercaster got in touch with Langberg to ask about his inspiration behind these art pieces. Lanberg said, "I've done hundreds of pieces over the years, and something that started out as a hobby and something that really combined two of my passions of food and art has really grown into something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life."


Having grown up in New York City, Langberg developed a lifelong appreciation for art as he was surrounded by numerous museums and galleries across the five boroughs and exposed to street art. Langberg's passion for the art form was further solidified during his student years when he took art history classes. He shared that he has a culinary background and has been interested in cooking since he was five years old. "I always tell people my parents are the worst cooks ever and I was so tired of takeout and delivery that I had to cook for my own survival," he said.

Lanberg started his food art after getting inspired by a food art photography exhibition and then never looked back. Now, as his Instagram bio aptly states, he is on a mission to turn "the edible into the unforgettable." Here are 25 of the most endearing portraits of some of our favorite celebrities and characters that he has created with food:

1. Hector from Pixar's Coco


2. The Queen B herself, Beyonce


3. Our favorite redhead, Ed Sheeran


4. Chef Ina Garten


5. Harry Potter


6. A Dolly Parton Oreo


7. Jim Carrey from "The Mask"


8. David Bowie!


9. Charlotte Pickles from Nickelodeon


10. Santa Claus


11. Snoopy straight from the comic strip


12. Tanya MacQuoid played by Jennifer Coolidge 


13. Wednesday played by Jenna Ortega


14. Jimi Hendrix


15. RuPaul, the queen of Drag


16. Whoopi Goldberg


17. Our beloved Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane!


18. Angela Lansbury


19. Pennywise from "It"


20. Michael Jackson 


21. Queen Elizabeth II


22. Serena Williams


23. Shakespeare


24. Billie Eilish 


25. Carl Fredrickson fron "Up"


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