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25 snaps proving birds are funnier than people: 'I'll never be as cool as this bird'

'This bird landed by my window and stared at me like I murdered his whole family,' read one caption.

25 snaps proving birds are funnier than people: 'I'll never be as cool as this bird'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | (L) u/GallowBoob and (R) u/[deleted]

We all love using dog and cat filters on Snapchat but do you know what is even better? Having bird pictures without any filters. You will be shocked to see how expressive birds can be and how people create hilarious memes just with a picture of a bird. From unlikely friendships with other animals, and bird rescues to birds just enjoying their day around the house - some of these pictures will surely melt your heart. For example, in one picture, there are eight birds who are friends with a golden retriever and a hamster, in another picture, a goat gave birth to a kid and the chickens can be seen standing outside the shed looking inside concerned.

People on the internet loved these pictures and have thousands of likes and re-shares. So, we have put together 25 of the best and most hilarious pictures. They are sure to leave you amazed and with a laugh.

1. What a love story!



2. Chicken mama


3. Perfectly imperfect


5. Murder mystery


6. Same same but different

Reddit | u/beccapizza
Reddit| u/beccapizza


7. Color co-ordinated


8. Severe chickenpox 


9. "Birdie Sanders"


10. Special guests


11. Watermelon 


12. My world, my rules


13. That was a secret



14. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest?..."


15. Who looks better?


16. Bros for life


17. Sharing is caring


18. Excuse us



19. Don't even try


20. On my way!


21. That's love


22. That's the way to use it


23. Why do you do this?


24. Mama bear


25. Drunk and me!?


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