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25 small habits that changed people's lives for the better

We must also know the kind of person we want to become and then work on habits that would help us achieve it, here is a list of 25 habits that helped people on the internet.

25 small habits that changed people's lives for the better
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Jess Loiterton; (R) Reddit | u/bryantolivas

American writer Mark Twain once said, "A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time." Building a habit indeed takes time and effort. Especially building a good habit, which takes daily practice. We must also know the kind of person we want to become and then work on the habits that would help us achieve the goal. However, if you find it a bit of a task to make a list of habits you want to instill in your nature, the internet has your back. Reddit user u/RileyLovesOliver took to the r/LifeProTips community and asked people about the routines they have inculcated, leading to a better life.

We have collected the best 25 responses for you, which you can start practicing and live a better, happier, and more productive life. 


"Make lists and take notes on your phone. Don't rely on memory alone.
As a bonus I find that when I make a list, it's easier to remember as I have a mental image of that list." -u/Pac_Eddy


"I make sure to always have a glass of water next to me. Both on my nightstand and at my desk. It greatly improved how much water I drink and has helped break some unhealthy snacking habits." - u/wallaba_4


"I've started audibly saying "thank you" to small conviences liking hitting a green light, finding a nice parking space or if something I like at the grocery store is on sale. It oddly works wonders at improving my mood acknowledging even the smallest victories." -  u/blackjack121121


"Talking to myself as I would talk to a friend when I'm upset, I stop and say, its okay, thats really sad, you are allowed to be sad, I'm here to support you and listen, just listen to your body, stuff like that." -  u/AutisticFae


"I stopped drinking 26oz of liquor a day. I know it seems like a tiny change but it’s really helped my memory and energy levels. And my family is talking to me again!" - u/Noahvailability


"Daily pushups and sit ups. Not a lot, I started off doing 5 push ups and 10 sit ups a day. That was three years ago and now I do 35 push ups and 45 sit ups a day. It's been great for my body and mental health to accomplish a little something every day." -  u/bryantolivas


"Daily walks of 1-3 miles. Healthier. Calmer. Closer to my spouse as we walk together every day. If one of us is out of town, we talk on the phone while we walk. Life changer. Haven’t missed a day in more than three years." -  u/KeyBanger


"I've set one day a week to have dinner and invite someone over. I'm an introvert and it gives me something to look forward to and helps me keep in touch with family and friends. It's become a big hit and It forces me to clean." - u/pwner187


"I stopped saying “sorry” at work. Even if I mess up. Don’t want to give off incompetent vibes or any sign of weakness. Instead, I’ve replaced it with a compliment “Great catch” or a “dang, missed that one” or any number of things, just not “sorry”. I swear my perception of skill went from middle of the pack to one of the stronger Devs and I feel it’s resulted in a promotion much earlier than was originally discussed. -  u/7evenslots


"Regularly reminding myself to drop my shoulders, raise my head to face forwards, and then smile. Huge change for self, huge change in how others receive me (especially strangers)." -  u/wuzeezi


"Not fighting sleep when Im tired at night, even if it’s 'early.'" -  u/dameavoi


"Put everything ready you need the following morning, before you go to bed." -  u/_xoff 


"Drinking lots of water and eating a banana every day has done wonders for my general mood." -  u/trashtag420


"I get to instead of I have to." -  u/caffeinatedfrosting


"Stretch after waking up." - u/TheProbelem


"I started actively pre-planning my days. I spend 3-5 minutes before going to bed vividly imagining the things I'm going to the next day, and it's been working wonders for dispelling any internal resistance to doing stuff that's boring or hard, but required." -  u/curmodgeonpl


"Giving myself the grace to half ass something.
If a task is worth doing it's worth half assing." -  u/gnowledgedgnome


"Going outside and looking at the sunrise and sunset respectively every day." -  u/devinlucifier222


"Keep a full change of cloth at work for emergency use. Split your pants? You're covered. Step in a puddle after parking? You're saved. Trust a fart? It's now an embarrassing, mild inconvenience." -  u/slushmymouth


"Making my bed every morning." -  u/what_the_mocha


"Going outside to water my plants first thing in the morning.
A little walking, a little fresh air, and a little sunshine go very far. (This only works during the summer for my schedule." -  u/regallll


"I started out doing a 5min bodyweight workout every morning. Gets me energy for the day, had a great impact on my general mood and weight, as I started doing more than just 5min as it got easier doing the workouts." -  u/sarippus


"Get out of bed at the same time each day, even in the weekends." -  u/good-is-goodenough


"Go to the gym 3 days a week even if that day Im just depressed and can't go out of bed, make a to do list for every day/week, add things, complete them day by day. Keeping my bedroom/workroom in order everyday... Having productive things to do everyday helps, even if sometimes you gotta force yourself into it." -  u/Richi16


"ALWAYS put my keys and wallet in the same place EVERY time I come home." -  u/High_Jumper81

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