25 people share everyday things men do that are a total turn-off for them

Men rarely realize they might be knowingly or unknowingly doing some things that are major turn-offs for prospective partners.

25 people share everyday things men do that are a total turn-off for them
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We sometimes hear single men claiming they aren't in a relationship because women "friendzone" the good guys and pick the "bad boys." However, in most cases, the reality is that there might be some things they do — knowingly or unknowingly — that can be major turn-offs for prospective partners. Unfortunately, the men doing it rarely realize that their singlehood hasn't been thrust upon them and that they themselves are to be blamed for the lack of romance in their lives. So here's what 25 Redditors had to share about the "everyday things men do that" are turn-offs. Perhaps these answers could be enlightening for some.


"Turning everything into a competition. There's a certain subset of guys who think they can impress you by being 'the best' at something. Not just good, but specifically, 'the best.' This, in turn, leads to them gatekeeping and putting you and others down in order to prove their superiority, and this kind of behavior is just annoying."Korrin


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"Doesn't take you seriously [or] doesn't care about what you have to say. That or expecting me to worship the ground they walk on."Cold_Ad136


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"Being unclean. Amazing how fast I can lose a lady boner when I see a bathtub that has never been cleaned and a carpet so black I'm afraid to walk on it. Also, it's amazing how many men have awful breath?? Like I'm attracted and then I go in for a kiss and I'm hit with awful death breath and suddenly I just wanna go home.
Carry some mints around (applies to all genders)."SenPay_Me


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"Having no manners. Spitting. Being grossed out by women having living breathing bodies that poop, fart, and menstruate. Anything to indicate that they like pussy but hate women. Smoking. Drinking to excess. Sloppy eating and sloppiness in general."ShellySerena 


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"Getting really angry and aggressive when something not good happens. Yeah, I get it, it sucks when things suck, but if you’re getting aggressive (yelling, slamming things, taking that tone that's like 'if you even so much as LOOK at me wrong I’ll bite your hand off for it') over it, it's scary to people who are smaller than you."vishuual 


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"Not every guy does this, but a lot of them do: when they make fun of their significant other/best friend in front of their other friends to look cool, or get validation. Or when a guy makes fun of his friend in order to appeal to somebody they're interested in. Just be genuine."idontwanttokeepgoing


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"Not understanding boundaries or hearing us say 'no, I'm not interested in a relationship' and then hovering around us like we're going to change our minds."Natasha_T


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"Pee on the fu**ing seat/floor. Leave a giant mess for me to clean up like I'm his mom and then tell me he wants to have sex when he hasn't done a goddamn thing or talked to me all day like I'm just a fu**maid."StarvationCure 


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"Being too sexual, too soon. No, it's not flirty. Yes, we might be going on a date, but don't try and get in my pants within the hour, it's such a fu**ing turn off."ajjs