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25 posts to prove that the 'out of control' tipping culture in America needs to be stopped

Popular thread features posts from people expressing their disappointment at the manipulative and exploiting tipping culture.

25 posts to prove that the 'out of control' tipping culture in America needs to be stopped
Cover Image Source: Reddit (L) | u/theitgirlpenn | (R) u/Plastic_Wolverine_31

Tipping has become a hot topic of discussion in American society. Everyone seems to have some opinion about it. The situation has escalated with the updates introduced to this phenomenon, such as tablet tipping. Even in self-serve places, such updates bring in the practice of tipping. All of this has quite obviously agitated the customers. As per a Bankrate report, 66% of Americans have developed a negative view of tipping. Something that began as a noble effort to appreciate people who serve customers has now become a form of exploitation. This exploitation is not limited just to the customers. It also impacts servers because their wage depends on tips, which should be taken care of by their bosses. This system is damaging to everyone except the bosses who profit the most from it. Reddit user r/EndTipping subreddit was made to call out the hypocrisy due to tipping and has users posting their grievances against this phenomenon.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

The posts on the subreddit cover everything related to tipping in America. Some of them show the light at the end of the tunnel, highlighting businesses that have dismissed tipping, while others focus on how badly customers have been fooled by many establishments with proof. People also use the subreddit to joyously share accounts of bravely refuting societal pressure by not giving tips or inspiring others to do the same. The pictures showcase how the "tips" are not for the benefit of "workers" but for bosses to evade their "responsibility" and in some cases, get some of it in their own pockets. Here are 25 posts from the thread and other platforms that will encourage everyone to work towards a world where there is more clarity and no more tipping.

1. Who is getting these tips?

"QR code for tipping when housekeeping is 1x/week... Thoughts?" -u/WillowtreeA2Z
Image Source: Reddit/u/WillowtreeA2Z
Image Source: Reddit | u/WillowtreeA2Z

2. This is the Good Place

Image Source: Reddit/u/greymatter003
Image Source: Reddit | u/greymatter003

3. This is daylight robbery

"In NYC, Tim Ho Wan on 9th Ave. 20% minimum tip is absurd enough, but 30%?! This has gotten way out of control. When the suggested tips are this high is exactly when I tip the lowest." -u/Whatshouldiputhere0
Image Source: Reddit/u/Whatshouldiputhere0
Image Source: Reddit | u/Whatshouldiputhere0

4. Strong steps have to be taken


5. Tip and service charge being on the same bill is straight-up exploitation

Image Source: Reddit/u/Muted-Ad-3716
Image Source: Reddit | u/Muted-Ad-3716

6. Expectations are straight-up absurd

Image Source: Reddit/u/Mean_Command1830
Image Source: Reddit | u/Mean_Command1830

7. Bold-faced lies

Image Source: Reddit/u/Makakou
Image Source: Reddit | u/Makakou

8. There was no service!!!!

Image Source: Reddit/u/bannedSubvet22
Image Source: Reddit | u/bannedSubvet22

9. They should thrive on your wages

Image Source: Reddit/u/kfauw
Image Source: Reddit | u/kfauw

10. Where was the service?

Image Source: Reddit/u/okonisfree
Image Source: Reddit | u/okonisfree

11. Multi-billion dollars company also needs tips

"When placing an order on Amazon; this was a new sight to see. (Yes, there’s a “None” option but it got cut off.) Really? The cost of the tumbler, the s&h, and they want a tip? Next thing you know, our phones, Roombas and other electronics are going to ask for tips, too." - u/sheynnb
Image Source: Reddit/u/sheynnb
Image Source: Reddit | u/sheynnb

12. Rocky road ahead


13. Yes, establishments that care for their workers do exist

Image Source: Reddit/u/xiaohk
Image Source: Reddit | u/xiaohk

14. This is a full-blown scam at this point

"No service was provided. It was literally one of those 'express' shops where you grab things like tissues, snacks, etc. I am American and know this is ridiculous. But where I feel this is especially predatory is on international travelers who are told that 'in America you have to tip' and would unknowingly tip here even though they absolutely shouldn’t." - u/sabi_wasabi_
Image Source: Reddit/u/sabi_wasabi_
Image Source: Reddit | u/sabi_wasabi_

15.  Every possible way to cheat money out of people will be applied

"20% gratuity was automatically added to our bill for a party of 2 while the receipt says it’s added for a party of 5. On top of that the receipt given back to you pretends like they didn’t just add a tip and leaves another line for a tip." - u/heaton5747
Image Source: Reddit/u/heaton5747
Image Source: Reddit | u/heaton5747

16. Weren't machines built to give service?

Image Source: Reddit/u/Iwillfistyourcat
Image Source: Reddit/u/Iwillfistyourcat

17. 'Free' is not 'free'

"It is literally a self-serve standard hotel breakfast. I would never tip on this to begin with, but the only thing the 'attendant' did was put out a few more oatmeal packets. The LAST thing I want to see first thing in the morning on my long trip home is someone begging for tips that are not "required" at a free, self-serve breakfast." - u/lost_girl_2019
Image Source: Reddit/u/lost_girl_2019
Image Source: Reddit | u/lost_girl_2019

18. Workers are also victims

"Saw this, this weekend. I was shocked to say the least. It's a popular sandwich chain that has over 200 locations in the US. Not sure what to do, but I did give them a cash tip in the moment. DFW, TX was where I saw this nonsense. Thoughts on what I should do next to help the employees?... or do I let them do something? Not looking to get anyone canned, even though their owner is clearly a POS." - u/nowahhh
Image Source: Reddit/u/nowahhh
Image Source: Reddit | u/nowahhh

19. Doctors control the margin of profit in private practices

Image Source: Reddit/u/theitgirlpenn
Image Source: Reddit | u/theitgirlpenn

20. No one served for the service tip

Image Source: Reddit/u/jahsavi
Image Source: Reddit | u/jahsavi

21. Rules are being changed as per the convenience of establishments

Image Source: Reddit/u/JosefDerArbeiter
Image Source: Reddit | u/JosefDerArbeiter

22. No, it was very much intentional

Image Source: Reddit/u/WelderParking811
Image Source: Reddit | u/WelderParking811

23. Liz should stop complaining and pay livable wages

Image Source: Reddit/u/Mean_Command1830
Image Source: Reddit | u/Mean_Command1830

24. Such establishments should lose business

"Did NOT purchase the shirt out of spite lol since when do we tip on t shirts? This tipping culture is getting out of control." -u/jameson_ontherocks
Image Source: Reddit/u/jameson_ontherocks
Image Source: Reddit | u/jameson_ontherocks

25. Guilt-tripping has become the norm

Image Source: Reddit/u/Plastic_Wolverine_31
Image Source: Reddit | u/Plastic_Wolverine_31

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