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25 hilarious pictures that perfectly sum up Canada

Thinking about moving to Canada? Check out these pictures to see what life is like there

25 hilarious pictures that perfectly sum up Canada
Cover Image Source: Reddit (L)lostboys519 (R)6ix_8ight

Given everything that is happening in the United States under the leadership of our *ahem* orange "friend," there must've been at least a few instances in the past three years where you've thought to yourself: "Maybe I should move to Canada." After all, everyone knows how nice Canadians are, and the country is essentially built on maple syrup, which sounds like the perfect dream, to be honest. Sure, some of these are overplayed stereotypes and our friends up north have their own share of problems to deal with, but let's face it, the Great White North does have a lot going for it. 

Not convinced? Check out these 25 pictures that perfectly sum up life in Canada:

1. Once bitten, twice shy

Image Source: Reddit/nightowlrr

2. Meanwhile in Canada...

Image Source: Reddit/fngrtps

3. Their politeness is off the charts

Image Source: Reddit/GuacamoleFanatic

4. If you happen to be a victim of theft

Image Source: Reddit/lexjac

5. Police officer stops to buy a drink from a little girl at a lemonade stand in Kenora, ON, Canada

Image Source: Reddit

6. Meanwhile in Montreal...

Image Source: Reddit/DannyB1aze

7. Now, that's a pretty cool hat

Image Source: Reddit/lostboys519

8. When their police "clash" with citizens, it's all fun and games

Image Source: Reddit/asdmatt

9. Yup, sounds about right

Image Source: Reddit/ohammy

10. Just another Canadian thing

Image Source: Reddit/remain_unaltered

11. Canadian police on the job

Image Source: Reddit/csaby

12. Christmas in Canada is difficult sometimes

Image Source: Reddit/N8theGr8

13. Three seasons right outside your door

Image Source: Reddit/goodluck_canuck

14. So sweet

Image Source: Reddit/kihary

15. Keeping their promise

Image Source: Reddit/6ix_8ight

16. Police in Montreal protest a labor dispute by refusing to wear their work pants

Image Source: Reddit/godsenfrik

17. Yep, definitely a Canadian protest

Image Source: Reddit/eracom

18. This parking ticket

Image Source: Reddit

19. By "quite aggressive" we just mean they become a hellspawn

Image Source: Reddit/Shy_Cryptic

20. The official mascot!

Image Source: Reddit/laceandpearls

21. You know you're in Canada, when...

Image Source: Reddit/Hell_hath_no

22. Canadian fashion at its best

Image Source: Reddit/shittersfull

23. This is what happens when a Canadian parks in your spot

Image Source: Imgur
Image Source: Imgur

24. Even the robbers are polite

Image Source: Reddit/cyberwolf1

25. Santa, is that you?

Image Source: Reddit/heypeaches

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