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25 people share remarkable photos from work to show what it looks like to not work a desk job

People around the world are doing so many fascinating things beyond a typical corporate desk job and these photos are a testament to the fact.

25 people share remarkable photos from work to show what it looks like to not work a desk job
Cover Image Cource: (L) Twitter | @Outzie; (R) Twitter | @ClaireLamman

Our perception of jobs are standard corporate desk jobs and we often forget there are all kinds of cool professions in the world. However, some people are trying to change this by posting pictures of different workplaces and giving an insight into the whole world.

Image Source: Pexels | RonaldCandonga
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RonaldCandonga

Twitter has been abuzz recently with sharing photos with the caption, 'Drop a cool photo someone took of you doing your job.' Everyone from doctors, rail locomotive drivers, pilots and journalists has been sharing pictures from their workplaces around the world. Moreover, it's fascinating to see how the world is made up of so many unique people doing mesmerizing things with their lives. If you have ever needed a push to switch careers, maybe this is the motivation you need. Here are 25 people from different professions at work:

1.  For the love of radio telescopes!


2. Who else wants to hang out?


3. But first let me take a selfie!


4. Ready to dig in?


5. Anything is fossil-ble!


6. Now that's a rockstar!


7. Ride on!



8. A guardian of the galaxy


9. I spy something in the sky


10. What's up, doc?


11. Post Apocalyptic reporting


12. Flying high


13. Work from an autorickshaw


14. Taking art to the next level


15. Something fishy


16. Cooking up some chemistry


17. Earth science 


18. Sapphire at sea


19. Ice ice baby!


20. Keeping a watchful eye


21. Natural Education


22. Dr. Dolittle


23. Love the statistics


24. Inspiring young minds


25. An important cause


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