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25 people who understood the assignment when a sidewalk sign told them to 'commence silly walking'

The people in the neighborhood were equally sporty when a homeowner put up a sign instructing pedestrians to do a "silly walk."

25 people who understood the assignment when a sidewalk sign told them to 'commence silly walking'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@yorkshire.silly.walks

As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world in a vise of uncertainty and terror, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, resident Liz Koto and family decided to ask their neighbors to do "The Ministry of Silly Walks" routine from the Monty Python comedy troupe's television show "Monty Python's Flying Circus." The lighthearted initiative was an effort to amuse themselves and their neighbors during a time of distress.

In case you haven't seen it, the skit concentrates on a clergyman who walks in a very unusual manner. Mr. Pudey, who works for The Ministry of Funny Walks, approaches the minister and requests government funding to create his own funny walk. Liz, a local government employee, told Bored Panda that she enjoys this comedy because of the way Monty Python makes fun of the dysfunctional nature of politics.


Liz set up the Yorkshire Silly Walks Instagram account to post the hilarious outcomes of the sign asking pedestrians to 'commence silly walking immediately.' Unsurprisingly, people embraced the concept and it soon became evident that her neighbors were pretty skilled at silly walking.  So here are some of the most hilarious walks to make your day:

1. Impressive


2. She really committed!


3. Nee nee nee!


4. Pirouettes with your dog, a little jog, and a happy dance logged


5. Ring around the ragdoll


6. It’s a family of windmills


7. MC Hammers her way across The Ministry


8. Safety first


9. Speedy piggybacker and nearly floating doggo


10. Jazz hands and a speed skater



11. Two very fluffy dogs and two very definitive leg kicks


12. Release the hounds


13. Ballet with doggo


14. The left foot is dragging and the right foot has the hiccups


15. Perfectly measured steps, a flaming cannonball, and the rare and elusive floogle bird in her native habitat


16. The wind beneath my wings


17. Apparitions


18. Spectacular springtime Sunday sideways shuffle with a slickered sibling


19. The eternal question: Which came first?


20. Husband: Not gonna do it. Wife: Victory dance!!!!


21. Skip, skip, skip to my Lou...


22. One of the Rockettes


23. Speedy Gonzaleses and a jolly old dad


24. No puppers were harmed in the making of this kerfuffle


25. It’s a tie between the super-happy-fun-lucky doggo with owner... and the jive turkey


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