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25 people who decided to pose with ancient statues in the most hilarious way possible

Statues are there to make a statement most of the time but these people found a hilarious way to make the absolute best out of posing with these inanimate figures.

25 people who decided to pose with ancient statues in the most hilarious way possible
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @statuewithfun

History is a witness to humanity's obsession with creating monuments and statues. They stand the test of time and help the younger generation learn more about the eras gone by. Whether it is for political victories, marking the end of wars, for the sake of art, or for religious beliefs, every statue that has ever been constructed has its own story and significance. However, perhaps, not everyone shares similar sentiments about these statues standing tall.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andreea Ch

However, we have found some witty fellows who might have spotted a statue on their way and thought that they should do something interesting with it. So we scoured the Twitter pages of @statuewithfun and @insanereality to collect 25 side-splitting moments when people decided to pose with these inanimate figurines in public and snap a picture with it.

These creative pictures range from a fellow handing over a roll of toilet paper to a statue that seemingly looks like it's taking a dump to a woman flirting with a handsome gentleman carved out of stone. A group of friends even went to a gallery to recreate a dramatic statue by posing alongside it. Hopefully, these pictures will inspire you to strike a goofy pose alongside a statue when you spot one on the street.

1. Who said telekinesis isn't real?


2. Helping him with some toilet paper


3. Recreating a pose in the finest way possible


4. Sometimes, people just need a little push


5. Getting dragged on by a statue


6. Getting slapped for all your bad decisions


7. Say NO to smoking


8. Literally romancing the stone


9. When you need some help to pick your nose


10. Looks like they are sharing sadness


11. An imaginary girlfriend to take a selfie with


12. The giant fork belongs to gods


13. Art imitates life


14. Helping the statue keep the city clean


15. Scarcity of water makes people do weird things


16. Sharing a smoke break with a buddy


17. Don't mess with the rhino


18. Be careful while catching the dolphin


19. They are about to start dancing anytime soon


20. This is exactly how introverts hang out with people


21. Pretty sure that Apple is inedible


22. Trying to be discreet while dealing illegal stuff


23. This looks like a custody battle between two parents


24. The statue which deserves a high five


25. Hitting a painful home run



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