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People share 25 of the most fun jobs they've ever had and it might just help someone find a new career

From working under starry skies as a documentary filmmaker to having a great boss and work culture, people share the best jobs they've had throughout their careers.

People share 25 of the most fun jobs they've ever had and it might just help someone find a new career
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay; Reddit | u/AtomicMojave

Many people make peace with the notion that they are bound to feel bored or dissatisfied at a job, regardless of what they do. They convince themselves they have to push through somehow to make a living and that things like job satisfaction are meant for the privileged. However, several threads on Reddit ask the question, "What's the best job you've ever had?" and people have several interesting and helpful answers to give. The replies can make one believe that being happy at a job is not just a fantasy every adult desperately needs to wake up from. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vojtech Okenka
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Vojtech Okenka

From low-stress jobs that allow people to finish their work on time and pursue their hobbies to places with great bosses and teammates or even social service or non-profit sector jobs that let people do something meaningful were a part of the list. However, several adults might find it challenging to find the job of their dreams. Chances are they don't have the time or space to explore what they like before they zero down on a profession. These answers give a helpful insight into the pros and cons of several different work roles. They also reveal offbeat designations that might just be a person's calling. Here are 25 jobs that people loved doing:

1. Working for the census

"To anyone reading this in the US, go work for the census. That was a great damn job. Right out of college, I made $23 an hour walking around the city I lived in talking to people. I could set my own hours, starting or stopping whenever I wanted as long as I was out there making attempts to reach people." -u/CallMeTDD

2. TV news helicopter reporter

"My current job is the best: TV News Helicopter Reporter/Cameraman." -u/ggfergu
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli

3. Cake decorator

"I worked as a cake decorator all through high school and university. The starting pay was about $5 more an hour than the minimum wage jobs my friends had. Plus, as it was seen as a skilled position, I’d get fairly regular raises. Low stress, got to be creative, met a lot of cool people, met a lot of very strange people that made for some pretty great stories (like the guy who wanted a cake to celebrate his alien abduction) and got to eat all my mistakes." -u/theartistbynight

4. Night auditor at a hotel

"A night auditor at a hotel. A little paperwork, checking in a guest once or twice and then like seven hours of free time just reading comic books." -u/Mouthmouthmouth

5. Production assistant

"I was a Production Assistant on a film called 'H2O Extreme' back about 10 years ago. It was the best 2 weeks of my life. We were filming in a theme park. My job was to escort the actors to and from the set, wrangle the extras, help with craft services (food) and I got to film some behind-the-scenes footage. It was pretty awesome." -u/Ask_Aspie_
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock Project

6. Assistant manager at a beachside hotel

"The job I have now. I work at a Florida beachside hotel. I have been there for several years. About three years ago, I was promoted to assistant manager and as of the 15th, I am the manager (I still answer to the General Manager, but otherwise, I'm pretty much in charge when she's not there). I meet people from all over the world, and we're an independent hotel, so we still can maintain our small family feel. I really do like it there. Plus, as a side effect, dealing with reservations nationwide, I accidentally memorized the entire US Zip Code pattern (the first two digits) and virtually every Central Florida Zip code beginning with 32 and some 33 and 34. I didn't mean to, but it's handy to know." -u/llcucf80

7. Car detailer

"For a summer after high school, I worked at a car detail shop. It was easy money being paid cash weekly. The best part of the job was being able to drive all of these brand-new vehicles I only saw on the streets and in the auto shows. I also learned how to do leather treatment and deep cleaning for interiors, skills which have transitioned to my vehicle. I was 18 years old driving a Kia K9, Cadillac ATS and several Porsche 911s (My all-time favorite car), even if it was just around the corner to the front." -u/AtomicMojave

8. Grocery store worker

"When I was in high school, I worked at a grocery store deli. We had four people working there (including myself), two of which were army vets. All four of us were huge movie fans and would spend hours discussing movies, actors, etc. My boss was a super cool guy who brought Duck Donuts in every Sunday since it was one of our busiest days." -u/OniLewds

9. Lifeguard at a country club

"Lifeguard at a country club. Four guards, so 20 minutes on and an hour off reading books, tanning, giving out bandaids, free meals from the kitchen and folding towels occasionally. Best three summers of my life! And the pay was great." -u/v_logs

10. Barista

"I'd open the shop, watch the sunrise while drinking my coffee and listen to whatever music I was feeling that day. It was the perfect amount of 'me' time in the morning before my coworker would clock in and the rush of customers hit. My shift always ended by noon at the latest (unless I picked up an extra), so I'd have the entire afternoon to do whatever I wanted. I was paid a little more than minimum wage and the tips were only split between the current shift workers. So, if I worked alone, I kept it all. I'd leave some mornings with $60 in my pocket. I loved my coworkers and I loved my customers. I miss that job." -Anonymous 

11. Restaurant worker

"Had to be one of my first jobs ever. I was working at a restaurant and what made it the best was the people I was working with. We were all young, energetic, fun and everyone got along. Work was basically like a party every day, doing random s*** and fooling around. We even had customers giving good reviews because of how fun we made the environment feel." -u/Safe_Nerve9644 

12. Librarian

"Working at the library was really relaxed. I just put books away and helped people find books on the shelves." -u/razzmazz 

13. Chief pilot

"Loved being the Chief Pilot in a flying training squadron when I was at the top of my game as an instructor. The flying was awesome. My friends in the squadron were awesome. I'm extremely happy where I'm at now, but that was a great gig and a lifetime achievement for me." -u/onebatch_twobatch 

14. Full stack developer

"Love my current job. Greenfield project where I get to do actual full stack development - everything from infra, backend, web and even mobile. I’m given autonomy and time to build things properly. It pays well and I’m learning so much." -u/RFederer 

15. Psychologist

"Psychologist with a great boss developing alcohol and other drug treatment in five clinics and a day treatment program. 17. Terrific." -u/Odd_Tiger_2278  

16. Shepherd

"I love working outdoors and nature. I hate screens. No need for a stupid gym with its repeated tasks. I provide food to the world. No more upper management etc. for me. It's just me and the sheep." -u/project_tactic  

17. Movie theatre worker

"18, working at a movie theater. When I’m old, I hope to get a job doing that again. We had all sorts of awesome parties for midnight screenings, free viewing and popcorn, any time you wanted. It was incredible." -u/Positive-Isopod6789

18. Documentary filmmaker

"Filming on a fully funded documentary film. Camping and filming in a remote place known for some of the darkest skies and brightest stars in the US." -u/Upbeat_Anteater_7645

19. Company worker

"My current job is with a water filter company. Low stress and annual raises." -u/icTKD 

20. Aquarium worker

"I put on a wet suit, got into armpit-deep freezing water and fed penguins 3x a day at the New England Aquarium." u/Yummy_Honey204 

21. National park worker

"I used to work for the US National Parks Service in the Rocky Mountains. I worked on the trail crew, clearing, maintaining and building new trails and assorted structures. Maintaining a system of trails that had originally been built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the Depression. Since I had some experience as a mason, most of my time was spent moving rocks. I was Sisyphus, but the view was spectacular." -u/AdorableSunshine02x

22. Icecream place worker

"12 years old. I worked at a Hawaiian shaved ice place in a summer town. I learned to talk to people (girls), be chill and learned a lot about reggae music. Mostly wish I could do that now as a job." -u/Silky__Smooth 

23. Personal finance educator

"I teach personal finance at a credit union. I get to help people understand money and don’t have any pressure to sell anything. It’s awesome." -u/MrLittle237 

24. Camera operator for live sports

"Camera operator for live sports in the USA. Stressful but fun. Nice getting paid $500 a day to be on the sidelines or courtside." -u/Wenger2112 

25. Museum aid

"Museum aid at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I got to see the storage center where most of the collections are housed. Amazing stuff most of the public won't ever see." -u/Technicolor_Reindeer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Uiliam Nornberg
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Uiliam Nornberg

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