25 people share how they'd respond if someone pulls a 'go back to your own country' on them

Thousands responded with their best clapbacks and it appeared that most prefer to keep it short and to the point when dealing with racism.

25 people share how they'd respond if someone pulls a 'go back to your own country' on them
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The last few years made it abundantly clear to those who were blissfully unaware — or selfishly ignorant — of the fact that racism is still alive, that not only is it alive, it's thriving in today's world. Although there are many relentlessly working towards eradicating it once and for all, we've seen an equally strong pushback attempt to set progress back every step of the way. Countless videos on the internet documented racist "Karens" and "Kens" confronting people who don't match their bigoted idea of a citizen and ordering them to "go back to wherever you're from."

Reddit user godfatherdoh recently turned to the r/AskReddit forum to find out how people would respond if they were forced into this unpleasant situation. "If a person tells you angrily to go back to your country, how would you respond?" they asked. Thousands responded to the query with their best clapbacks and it appeared that most prefer to keep it short and to the point. Here are 25 of the top answers:


"Not my fault my great great great great grandmother stole bread and got sent here (Australia)."Confident_Elephant_9 


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"I would sincerely ask 'Why would I do that?' Curiously replying to aggressive statements makes them fall on their face 100% of the times."jnefzen 


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"Patient was being an a**hole and screamed at my charge nurse, 'I'm going to have you deported!' I know the hospital that nurse was born at because of a conversation we'd had a couple weeks prior. I snapped back, 'To where? (Next town over)? She was born here, knock it off!'"Similar_Craft_9530 


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"In my mind I say something really clever and hurtful back! Especially since my family has been here for four generations! In reality, every time this happens my face gets hot, and all I can muster is to roll my eyes and fight back angry tears. It sucks."hoopKid30 


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"I've heard one of our residents answer: 'Ma' am, I'd love to. Unfortunately, there's a war going on that has already pretty much destroyed everything I hold dear and they were coming for me too. Would you have stayed?'"Refugee_center_guy 


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"So this actually happened to me in college and I responded to the person that I would happily do it but as an immigrant I enjoy stealing jobs from the Americans."DangerousVirus3814 


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"'My county's one of the reasons Brexit happens. You think I'm gonna go back now???' Or I might just start laughing. For context, I am Romanian and currently living in the UK."im-royally-fucked


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"Burst into tears and blubber, 'You got me! I can't afford my own country! have to live in my parents' country! It's just a rough patch, okay?'"thenakedapeforeveer


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"Honestly? I'd give them a shake of my head and move on. Anybody who speaks to me like that is just wrong. The fact that they say such things is a reflection of their character, not yours. The freedom of speech allows you to speak freely, it doesn't mean you need to be heard. And nothing drives these people more insane than not being heard."Ashi_Woof