25 people share their most savage replies to unsolicited d*ck pics

We might not be able to avoid them completely. But we can be ready for the next time someone decides to drop an unsolicited d*ck pic in our inbox.

25 people share their most savage replies to unsolicited d*ck pics
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Have you ever wondered what must go through the minds of those who decide it would be a great idea to send someone an unsolicited picture of their penis? What do they think would happen? Do they really expect the recipient to be so impressed by their manhood that they reciprocate in a similar fashion or agree to whatever they propose next? We might never know or even be able to wrap our heads around the rationale behind this certifiably creepy behavior. However, what we can do is be ready with the most savage response for the next time someone decides to drop an unsolicited d*ck pic in our inbox.

The r/AskReddit community offered up a treasure trove of such emotional damage-inducing responses a couple of months ago when u/idkmanfuckdis asked: "What is the best reply a woman can give to a d*ck pic?" Here are the top 25:


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"This is an automated message generated by the Instagram team. Your image has been found to be a violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1283 (2020). An image you sent has been scanned by our Al Bot and was flagged as an unsolicited picture. Your account is scheduled to be reported to the police. Our bot is currently in BETA testing; sometimes it makes mistakes. If you believe this message was in error, reply 'HELP' Otherwise, you will be contacted by your local authorities within 24hrs."OkDraw8445
"And once he replies HELP, take a screenshot and post it everywhere. Him sending a photo of his d*ck and saying HELP."petrogradsky


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"If it’s unsolicited copy and paste this (I have it saved in my notes):
AUTOREPLY: We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images of a potentially illegal nature [code:36489-a] and your device's IP address has been forwarded to the police department pending an investigation. If you think this is a mistake, reply 'STOP' to talk to an operator."bigbootyjr22
"Then every time he says stop you say [error]."dragonslayer694296


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"A picture of my little toe and the caption 'mine's bigger.'"SociallyAwkardTurtle


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"Send him back a picture of a really badly diseased and disfigured d*ck. Guaranteed full stop."Peggingslut68


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"One day I looked up the weirdest d*ck. It's is the echidna penis which has 4 heads. Since then I have it in my phone for whenever I or a friend gets a d*ck pic."SecretCalligrapher67


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"Send them back a completely random picture. The more unrelated the better.
He sends you a d*ck pic. You send him a picture of a potted cactus. But you don't add any other text. None. And you don't answer further. He will drive himself crazy wondering what that cactus means. How is it related to his d*ck pic? Is it a threat? Is it an invitation? Is it a meme that he hasn't learned yet? WHAT IS IT?!?
So, your best bet is to go surreal."inksmudgedhands


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"My wife's go-to is always this: 'Well that's disappointing.'"Alice-Rabbithole


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"Oooh send it back to him with a text saying something like 'Eww look what he sent me. Why does it look like that?' Then apologize and say that was meant for your group chat."g_lay


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