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25 people confess secrets they've never shared with anyone in their life

Sharing their deepest secrets, even anonymously out into the internet void, can be a cathartic experience for many.

25 people confess secrets they've never shared with anyone in their life
Cover Image Source: Getty Images/Prasert Krainukul, Reddit/TonyDanzer

Contrary to what some might have the world believe, almost everyone has something or the other they don't want their loved ones or friends to know about. It could be an unpopular opinion they firmly believe in, an embarrassing incident they don't want to relive, a sorrow they've hidden deep in their heart, a kink, a fear, or guilt over something they did. Many spend their entire lives guarding such secrets as they fear what could happen if others were to find out. However, some secrets prove to be a heavy burden that takes a toll on one's mental wellbeing. Sharing them, even anonymously out into the internet void, can be a cathartic experience for many.

Reddit user SillyGuy paved the way for this a few days ago when they took to the r/AskReddit community with this question: "What do you want to confess that no one else in your real-life knows?" Thousands responded to the query by sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. Here are 25 of the top responses: 


"I did a two-hour online test for college and we had to stay on camera for the whole two hours until everyone was done. The problem was I shit myself half an hour into the test and sat in my own shit not allowed to move and if I did move everyone would see I shit myself. So I waited until everyone was done and got marks done and could turn off the cameras. I got 100% on the test."False-Memory-8109


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Image source: Reddit/I_am_Doubt


"In my group of friends consisting of couples in deep relationships, I’m the only single guy. The idea of being part of a couple has always sounded exhausting and it was something I never really worried about rushing into.
I didn’t truly realize how lonely I’ve been until one night playing beer pong when I was on the same team with one of the ladies (who was a little tipsy). She hugged me after I won the game for us. It didn't occur to me that since leaving home for college, those types of physical gestures that brought me comfort as a kid weren't always there for me anymore as an adult."nikeviz


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"I have terminal cancer and am tired of the side effects of the treatments and the pain the cancer is causing. I really want to just die and get it over with but my wife and two daughters would be devastated if I stopped fighting."Yanahlua 


Image Source: Reddit/Johndoe448


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"Only my girl knows this, I was thinking of killing myself when I came back from working abroad. I was about to do it on a Friday, but a friend told me 'Hey you wanna come hang out Saturday night? just chilling here at home.' I decided to go. It was actually a surprise welcome party for me, all my friends were there, it was an amazing night. None of them know, but they saved my life, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that."tato64 


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"My wife cheated on me a few months back. She claims it was just one kiss and dirty texts but who really knows the extent of her infidelity besides him and her. I was beyond stupid and ignored all warning signs. I have told no one and it happened about 4 months ago. We are buying a house and have 2 kids. I initially forgave her and we worked on things. However, she and her sister are going on a cruise in November and I don’t trust her at all."Redditor-7D


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Image Source: Reddit/WholeLottaHooplaaa


"I've tried so hard to not be my mom and not be like her that I started doing things she did, and lying to myself and everyone around me, just like she does. One year of therapy down, and I'm trying really hard to put a stop to my bad patterns."WVFarm89


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Image Source: Reddit/Sogeking95


"I don't think I want kids because I'm too much like my father. I can end the bloodline with me."No_Manufacturer_1900


Image Source: Reddit/Jackielegs93


Image Source: Reddit/LordMagnos


"I see, hear, and touch my wife every now and then. She keeps me up at night just talking to me. My wife's been dead for the past 7 years. Pills, therapy, and counseling haven't worked. The doctors are out of options for me. If it happens during the day, to others, I seem to suddenly have a thousand-yard stare, my speaking stops, then one or two seconds later, I seem to snap back to reality and continue on. Otherwise, it's chipping into my sleep and making it hard to wake. Last week was 7 years..."xkcthrowaway 


Image Source: Reddit/Simiar


Image Source: Reddit/Sans_The_Skeleton_XD


"I have a husband and two toddlers that I love deeply and would give my life for. But I often fantasize about running off and traveling the world. Not having to wake up every morning to a 2-year-old and 1-year old while my husband soundly sleeps just sounds like pure bliss to me. I would never do it, I just wish I had done it before I settled down."I_am_dean

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