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25 instances where people quit their jobs with absolute style

Here are some examples of people quitting their jobs with an extra flair of humor and style thrown in for good measure.

25 instances where people quit their jobs with absolute style
Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram/jonnylism, (R) Reddit/tyhorner

Unless you are one of those extremely fortunate people who've made nothing but the right choices in life and had the universe smile down upon you, chances are you've found yourself stuck in a bad job at least once. From long, boring or tiring hours and unstimulating work to annoying colleagues and a smug, overbearing boss, a number of things could make one want to walk out the door and never return. Here are 25 instances when people did just that—with an extra flair of humor and style thrown in for good measure:

1. My favorite way I've quit a job (copywriter)

Image Source: Reddit/Sk8rBoi6969

2. My friend quit his job yesterday...

Image Source: Reddit/shaninanigan

3. This is not the end... it's only the "&"


4. Say it like it is

Image Source: Reddit/NinjaEagle210

5. Mass Exodus


6. Quit yo job like a boss


7. Quitting my job today. Leaving this as my Out of Office message

Image Source: Reddit/spookygeek

8. After successfully opening his own business, my best friend quit his corporate job after 18 years and left this for them to remember him by

Image Source: Reddit/FamousTG

9. My boss volunteered me for a golf event that I hated every second of, so I gave her a golf-themed resignation letter

Image Source: Reddit/HeWritesALine

10. I also quit my job

Image Source: Reddit/Thatguy89

11. I did a thing today...


12. My boss's secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast

Image Source: Reddit/whothefuqisdan

13. Going with the meme trend

Image Source: Reddit/slipperysoap23

14. Just went in and quit, but not without super gluing a few of these to walls by the time clocks

Image Source: Reddit/DissipationApe

15. So who can I use as a reference? Lmao


16. Resigning from a shitty job with style

Image Source: Reddit/skolopendron

17. I quit my job today but left them something to remember me by

Image Source: Reddit/PapaPeyton

18. Handing in this resignation letter today

Image Source: Reddit/Some_guy_named_Lewis

19. How to quit your summer job

Image Source: Reddit/nathanklages

20. Onto bigger and better things


21. Today I decided to bet on myself and quit my job to work full time on my small candle business


22. I quit my job of 8 years by leaving this on my boss's desk

Image Source: Reddit/melopoly

23. My "Partner In Crime" at work is announcing his resignation today, and this is how we are doing it

Image Source: Reddit/tyhorner

24. Best resignation letter ever!


25. I work at a supermarket and this is my resignation letter

Image Source: Reddit/dpthomas94

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