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25 people list the BS that is still being taught to children as lessons

A Reddit thread that went viral last week highlighted a lot of lies we were taught as children and how it's still being taught to kids today.

25 people list the BS that is still being taught to children as lessons
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A jarring experience most adults go through in life is the "my whole life is a lie" moment when you realize something you were taught as a child and had considered true all your life is actually just a steaming pile of bulls**t. This could be something as small as a harmless fib your parents made you believe to make their lives easier or something much more substantial that played a role in shaping your entire identity. While these lies might vary from person to person, a Reddit thread that went viral last week reveals that there's actually a lot of BS that was taught to the masses at a young age and that they are still being taught to kids today.

These came to light when Reddit user Necessary-Spinach182 turned to the r/AskReddit community with this question: "What BS is still being taught to children?" Here are 25 of the top responses to the viral query:


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"'Ignore bullies and they'll leave you alone.' When you do that, one of two things are likely to happen. Either they'll mess with you more, or they'll move to someone else and bully them. If you stand up to bullies, they back down. The earlier in life you put these people in their place, the less likely they'll develop their bad behavior as a lifelong practice."wecaka 


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"That Rosa Parks protest was spontaneous, and that she was just some random person. She was the secretary for the president of the local NAACP, and she was chose because she was believed to be best to elicit sympathy for the cause (partially based on her light skin). It was a carefully scripted event, aided by out of state activists."StillSilentMajority7


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"Prior to college/university levels, there is far too much emphasis on simply believing what the teacher says, and not nearly enough on sourcing of their information or independent research. Students are often expected to trust what they are being told is true without being taught how to make sure it actually is true. This has created a lot of people willing to believe the first thing they hear, so long as the person saying it sounds 'more educated.' (Politics and misinformation)"TheRavingRaccoon


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"Children can't have wants, or children's wants are needs. Wants are valid, just sometimes they're not worth the labor or get in the way of needs. I know it's tiny, but it takes strechs [sic]. Little Timmy wants ice cream but needs to eat lunch, so no ice cream. Doesn't want to brush his teeth, but needs to avoid problems, so brush your damn teeth. Doesn't want to hug antie, and doesn't need to, so can choose to not give the hug. Wants vs needs is not that hard to teach, and on its own doesn't result in entitlement or in being afraid of telling they want something."MiaMega 


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"That if you are being bullied the two best solutions are: (1) Tell your teacher (2) Sit down with the bully and explain how hurtful their words are."cpdf98


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"'I'm sure they'll come around and be friends with you. Just remember to be nice to them though if you want things to work out.' Total BS. I heard this so much growing up that no matter how nice and understanding I was to everyone around me. People such as my teachers and peers pick on me endlessly because I was an easy target (parents didn't believe me when something bad happens and they all took advantage of that). Don't take sh*t from anyone. Someone being mean to you? Tell them to back off or make an example of them. I learned real quick that everyone will gang up on you just for the fun out of it."unforgivablenope


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"'Studies are more important, there will be time for friends later.' As an adult who cannot speak to people I'll tell you now, you need to learn how basic communication skills early in life because later on people will be complete a**holes and won't give you the time of day."felaniasoul 


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"Not so much what is still being taught but the lack of teaching of the following in the 21st century is ridiculous : Lack of financial intelligence and teaching them that social media is not real."DonnysCellarDoor 


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Image Source: Reddit/Tuvasbien

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