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25 people come up with hilarious and interesting names for fictional first city on Mars

People on Reddit let their imaginations fly when they were asked what would they name a fictional city on Mars.

25 people come up with hilarious and interesting names for fictional first city on Mars
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | RDNE Stock Project, (R) Reddit | u/HarperHeart7

For those of you who are science fiction enthusiasts or simply one who dreams about traveling to a different planet, the debate over life on Mars is always a topic of interest. We have to rely on the words of physicists and scientists for confirmation about it. Only then perhaps can we board a space shuttle and travel to Mars in a brand new colony for humans. However, we are free to think about a fictional city on Mars that humans have inhabited and are growing their colonies. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Thirdman
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Thirdman

At the moment, the construction of any city like that on the Red Planet is limited to science fiction fantasies only. But a bunch of people on Reddit have banded together to ponder upon innovative names they could give to that fictional city. u/Regular-Aardvark1399 on a subreddit popped a fun question for fellow community members which read: "If you could name the first city on Mars, what would you name it?"

It seems like the Reddit users were waiting for this particular question for a long time and they jumped in to offer their best monikers. Some of the Reddit users suggested basic names like "Springfield" and "Bradbury" whereas one person threw in a pun and suggested it to be named "Mars Vegas". u/Jens_2001 joked: "Bezos City. To get some other guy mad." u/BadAndNationwide suggested: "Viking. Name it after the first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars." Other silly names such as "Ares", "Funkytown" and "Zuckerburgburg" were also tossed in. If that wasn't enough, we are always free to browse through the internet to find concept images generated by artificial intelligence that depict the fictional Martian city.

Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/HarperHeart7


In another Reddit post by u/Static_Storm that asked the same question, u/GeneralJackONeill_SG expressed their elaborate idea about what life on Mars could potentially be like. "I always had this idea that when we colonize Mars we will build our cities around the old rovers and place them inside of some kind of display. The cities would then be named after the rovers. You would have the twin cities of 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity', the great city of 'Curiosity' with the best science labs in the solar system and so on and so forth. It would be a fitting tribute to our first ventures on Mars and they would make some great names," their comment read.

Image Source: Reddit | u/GentlemanPirate13
Image Source: Reddit | u/GentlemanPirate13


Image Source: Reddit | u/WeAreGray
Image Source: Reddit | u/WeAreGray

u/jb2386 joked: "Name it 'Earth 3'. Then make everyone in the future ponder what happened to Earth 2. There'd be all Atlantis-style conspiracy theories." u/Notyerdaddy quipped: "Whatever Elon Musk wants to call it since he's likely the founder." u/DefenestratedEgo remarked: "Hope. But if we're honest with ourselves, it'll probably be something stupid, like 'Mars City.'" u/Phoenix_Pyre suggested: "'Serenity'. I can't believe no one said it already."


Whether people believe it to be a fantasy or reality, according to the recent reports of, the Mars Society, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the fourth planet from the sun, has announced an initiative to create Mars Technology Institute (MTI). It is a non-profit that will focus on the development of necessary technologies which will be needed for longer stays on the Martian soil.


"SpaceX and other entrepreneurial launch companies are already moving rapidly to develop the transportation systems that can get us to the planet Mars," Mars Society President and aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin said in a statement. Zubrin added that if the right technologies exist, harvested Martian materials can also be transformed into fuel, oxygen and even food for astronauts. 

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