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25 people are sharing their most hilarious and precious memories from schooldays

Whether it is a senior prank gone wrong or boys wearing skirts to protest, these stories take us down memory lane.

25 people are sharing their most hilarious and precious memories from schooldays
Representative Image Source: Pixabay | sasint

Our school days are some of the best days of our entire existence. We make lifelong friends and memories which remain with us till the end. However, what makes school life even more interesting and enjoyable are those unplanned bizarre moments and pranks that land the students and teachers in trouble. Most of us might have pranked our fellow classmates and teachers at least once.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Max Fischer

Well, those mischievous pranks and ideas executed by students or school faculty members at times might have ended up in chaos but they surely became a fond memory for many. So, here are 25 people sharing their most precious and hilarious memories on r/AskReddit from their schooldays when wholesome moments spiraled out of control and dissolved in absolute insanity.

1. The principal probably enjoyed it

"Hired a mariachi band to follow around our principal for our senior class prank. It was hysterical." -u/JulieFromJerz

2. That's all?

"One time, in 1st grade, when the teacher left the room for 5 minutes, i scotch taped all of my classmates together. They loved it. My teacher came back, had a breakdown, and called my mother in tears. “He did what?” My mom asked. “He ***taped*** his classmates ***together***!” “'Is that all…?' my mom replied. Bless her." -u/groggyMPLS

3. Fashionable protest

"They banned shorts because they were not professional enough. So all the boys wore skirts as a protest." -u/Haboobalub

4. Great way to confuse people

"We had little cheat sheets on where we sat in each class, and what is going on in the class. We dressed like the other person, went to all their classes, used their name, and would not back down that we were someone else. A lot of us got our parents involved so when the admin tried to call our parents, they went along with the ploy. It got so bad the superintendent got involved, and we ended up having an impromptu half-day and just sent everyone home. " -u/MrHyde_Is_Awake

5. It's like an infinite loop

"One of the classrooms at my school was a prefab hut, and over time it developed a hole in the floor at the back of the room. Every lesson I had in there for a good few months before they fixed it, someone would arrive, greet the teacher, and sit down. Then after a few minutes they'd arrive again, straight-faced "sorry I'm late sir", and sit down. Then again a few minutes later they'd arrive again. The fun part was watching the teacher playing the memory game of figuring out who'd arrived too many times." -u/telnorp

6. Pure anarchy indeed

"For one of our senior pranks, 20-30 of us bought about 5,000 bouncy balls, and threw them off the balcony overlooking the cafeteria during lunch. There were about 100-200 kids eating and they all flipped out. It was pure anarchy." -u/DontBruhMeBrah

7. Let the goat have some fun

"A class above mine was legendary for a VERY simple senior class prank: someone who lived on a farm brought their resident goat in. They snuck it in through the side door into the parking lot from the weight room and just let ol' Billy loose. What followed was a couple hours of chaos as this goat ran all over the building, dropping goat poop and yelling at everyone who tried to catch it. " -u/Reevadare1990

8. Color-coded cover-up

"In middle school, a staff (not a teacher, he watched lunch and was a basketball coach for a high school) got arrested for selling [illegal substance] to the kids. He won an award for "best staff of the year" that year which had an entire yearbook page dedicated to him, but he was arrested after the yearbooks were printed. They had to go into each yearbook and cover that page with purple duct tape (to match the color scheme)." -u/Spencer2091

9. That was weird!

"This very quiet guy who never really caused any trouble at all saved up the mice that he fed to his boa constrictor and dyed them various festive colors with Easter egg dye. He then came to school in a trench coat in which he’d cut out the pockets and, basically, filled it up with the live, colorful mice. Every once in a while, he’s stop and drop a few out when no one was looking." -u/JoeMojo

10. How did they do it though?

"Our teacher had a smart ( little car) and we managed to get it up to the third floor and put it in front of her classroom." -u/FetteBeuteHoch2

11. Pastor with a crappy history

"2000. Teachers trying to stop kids smoking in the bathroom so they locked the bathroom doors. Kid took a s**t on the carpet in front of the bathroom door, like right in the main hallway. Chaos ensued. Today, that kid is a pastor." -u/Jimmycapped

12. Great way to get detention

"Somebody unscrewed the classroom door and left it supported by the hinge tension, angry teacher came back from his march to the head of department and slammed the door. Except it didn't slam, rather come off the wall completely and absolute madness ensued." -u/MrCondor

13. Poor cow

"Someone put a cow on the roof. The cow couldn’t come back down because, apparently, cows can’t go down stairs. So they had to bring it down… with a crane." -u/Safe_Wallaby3148

14. Absolute madness

"Senior prank: The country guys brought greased pigs into the school. Labeled them with spray-paint #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7. Imagine the frantic radio calls and locations of where pigs were located one by one. Took them a whole day of diving around wrangling pigs until they figured out pig #4 didn't exist." -u/TheLastRecluse5

15. A biblical plague

"A boy in my class brought some locusts in to show and tell. They escaped and got into the air vents. This was just before summer break. School came back to a full on plague." -u/Big_Explanation_8803

16. A snake apocalypse?

"When my husband was about 11, he brought a 5-gallon bucket of garter snakes to school for show and tell. At lunch, all the snakes escaped, and they were catching snakes for weeks" -u/phantommoose

17. Those kids won't forget it

"A classmate brought a VHS tape of Bambi to class. It was movie day, elementary school. Turns out they swapped the stickers for Bambi and The Scorpion King. Teachers put the movie on and left...they might have never known if one of the kids hadn't run off to tell them halfway through the movie." -u/bamguirre

18. Cute memory

"I remember when we all brought our dogs to school for show-and-tell. Chaos and cuteness overload!" -u/Boldigo

19. Average Wattpad enthusiast

"This girl in year 9 wrote a very explicit fanfic about two male math teachers and everybody had either read it or knew about it. the two teachers couldn’t look at each other for weeks after that." -u/Equivalent_Map_54

20. Magical rabbit

"During a talent show at school, a magician's escaped rabbit caused chaos as faculty members scrambled to catch it, leading to an entertaining and memorable situation." -u/leoR_29

21. Poor choice of words

"I was in elementary school. All the 4th graders were lined up on stage to rehearse our act for the annual musical performance, which was a show tune called "white gloves" or something. They gave us all white cotton gloves to wear, wave, and clap with. At the end of rehearsal, the music teacher stood in front of us with a box and said "OK, throw your gloves into the box". We complied. Enthusiastically. Six dozen white gloves were flung in her general direction. The situation devolved into chaos in mere seconds." -u/ThadisJones

22. The mystery remains

"In my HS, there was a solid week where somebody set a trash can on fire daily. Nobody knew if it was one person or a group of people, but I think after day five everyone got pretty tired of having to stand out in the football field while the fire department inspected the area. It stopped after that week with no explanation and no word from the culprit." -u/Livingroxets

23. Chemistry is interesting

"In chemistry - the teacher had just gotten a new batch of sodium and dropped a piece that was definitely too big into a large clear container filled with water but hey…I was a sophomore so what did I know, right? Welp… a second later the container of water burst and there was a hole in the ceiling. " -u/Hora_Moan

24. Unbelievable!

"Someone had a baby in the bathroom stall… I wish I was making this up." -u/JacobCStowe

25. Some NSFW prank

"A student got ahold of a LOT of explicit pictures and taped them to all of the school clocks, suspended from the ceiling. None of the teachers were tall enough to pull them down, so they were up there for a bit." -u/Unlikely_Use


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