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25 people share the traits they find most attractive in a person: 'I love me a nerd'

Here are people sharing some of the appealing qualities they look for in a friend or a partner before bonding with them.

25 people share the traits they find most attractive in a person: 'I love me a nerd'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Alena Darmel

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to finding their perfect partner or simply a friend. What people find attractive in another individual is mostly influenced by their past experiences, specific standards or intellect. Some people would like an empathetic partner, whereas others would love to have an adventurous fellow by their side who always radiates a positive energy.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Sometimes, people find specific traits and habits in another person attractive. Maybe they are food aficionados, or maybe they are fond of playing video games. Here are a bunch of people answering a Reddit post where u/levoyageursansbagage asked the community: "What is the most wholesome behavior you find really attractive?" And we have some of the best answers that the community shared.

1. The genuine ones

"Seeing a man be genuinely happy for someone else, I recently discovered this about myself." -u/West_Cherry3944

2. We need more people like them

"My husband grew up extremely poor. Not homeless but close. Whenever we're out and we see someone asking for food, he will quietly walk over and take them to whatever restaurant they want. He will then order them whatever they want. When we met, he was in grad school and had no money. He still did this. It made me swoon." -u/curryp4n

3. Empathy comes above all

"Empathy. I would follow someone into battle at the Fields of Pelennor or at the Black Gate of Mordor if I got the sense that they understood and cared about the burdens I faced." -u/StayingUp4AFeeling

4. Those who listen

"When a person knows the right time to simply listen to someone in distress and the right time to offer advice." - u/Old_Army90

5. Cares about the environment

"I went backpacking with my boyfriend for the first time recently and I noticed that anytime we came across a little piece of trash on the trail, he would pick it up and put it in his pocket to throw away properly at the first opportunity. It just highlighted to me that he was conscientious and kind even when it came to things a lot of people would overlook, and I found that incredibly attractive." -u/snickerdoodle--

6. True savior

"My girlfriend made a small kind gesture towards a baby rabbit that was trapped in the building she was on night watch in. In the video she sent me, she was speaking so gently and comforting towards the little guy that it just made my heart melt." -u/Enough-Basil-1272

7. Casual kindness goes a long way

"For me, it’s casual kindness. Like, just doing the considerate thing for people as a matter of habit/simply because it’s the right thing to do. Probably one of my favorite of my husband’s many good traits." -u/IndigoRose2022

8. Odd but cute

"This is going to sound odd but I had a friend in high school I was always crushing on. This girl wasn't allowed to date and she was always freaking out over her school work. Ever since then, I find anxiety-riddled girls who always expect the worst oddly attractive." -u/newlymoneyedrapper

9. Extra points for the Math whiz

"My bf can do math in his head, like crazy huge numbers no problem it’s really impressive. There’s just something about it." -u/asj0107

10. Being kind to old folks

"When someone helps old people. Maybe getting up to give their seat to them in a public bus or in general, helping them carry their heavy bags or something." -u/itsMat_hi_ka

11. Silly ones

"Silliness, the sillier the hotter." -u//Fearless-Finish9724

12. Start singing folks!

"Whenever someone is singing or humming a song to themselves and they seem like they're just lost in their own world, it usually makes my heart skip a beat." -u/Thnd3rstrk3

13. The sincere ones

"Being sincere. You can see it in people's eyes. On our second date, it’s what made me decide to be exclusive with my boyfriend." -u/Own-Veterinarian8193

14. Positivity at its peak

"When a guy has a positive mindset in spite of all odds. The ability to find a solution instead of being negative is hot." -u/Suitable_Warning4018

15. Uplifting people is so wholesome

"My husband is basically a collection of wholesome traits that I find outrageously attractive. He never snarks, gossips, or puts people down. He's all about lifting people up, whatever their life may be. He loves to hype people and celebrate life." -u/burntgreens
Representational Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

16. One who cares about your health

"I struggle with an ED and sometimes my boyfriend will find something I've never tried before, usually a foreign food, and will take me for a long walk along the hills where we live, sit down at a nice spot, and we'll try it together. It makes me feel so much safer and my recovery has really improved since he's been in my life." -u/Myf-L

17. The silent heroes

"The 'silent hero' that stands up for others or against gruesome behavior in general" -u/tealeaf3434

18. Good with babies

"When I'm with my wife at a restaurant and the baby in the next booth is staring at her, she will wave to the baby and make funny faces to get the kid to smile/giggle. That was attractive." -u/SadConsequence8476

19. Girls who enjoy their food

"When girls do their happy dance when they’re enjoying their food. It never fails to make me smile. It’s more of a testament to genuine excitement of the little things, and I find that really attractive." -u/unfrostedflakes_

20. Doing the right thing even when it’s inconvenient

"I was on a date and he took a call from a friend in crisis. They worked the problem out and he said 'I love you' to his friend (who said it back). He explained he needed to take the call and apologized that it happened during the date. No apology was necessary! He demonstrated loyalty and vulnerability and it was incredibly sexy." -u/Hiberniae

21. Quiet confidence wins

"When I was in junior high all the good students would raise their hands, barely staying in their seats, just desperately trying to get called on. There was this one guy, Jack, who just leaned back and watched. Totally chill. Jack never raised his hand. But any time the teacher called on him he knew the answer. He was the smartest guy in the class but he felt zero desire to prove it or show off. I found that So. Damn. Hot. I've been drawn to quiet confidence ever since." -u/_eviehalboro

22. Someone with a sense of humor

"People that make themselves crack up. People with their particular and weird little sense of humor that unashamedly laugh at what they think is so funny. Extra points if they’re laughing because of a joke they’re telling themselves. It’s my favorite thing to see someone do." -u/tresjoliesuzanne

23. Nerds are loved too

"Being genuinely excited about something. I love me a nerd." -u/Howdydobe

24. Thoughtful people

"When someone remembers a really random small detail I’ve only mentioned once." -u/Starriyer

25. When someone cares for animals

"It was really hot and had little rain for a couple of weeks and we had backyard critters roaming around typical of the suburbs. So my wife puts a big Tupperware bowl of water out that she changes daily in case an animal gets thirsty. I thought it was adorable." -u/yakfsh1

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