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25 of the most hilarious print layout fails ever

You'll need a good sense of dark humor for these.

25 of the most hilarious print layout fails ever
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Arlaine

Over the years since its inception, the internet has become all about click baits and shock value. Pretty much every website you open tries to catch your attention with a million different flashing and sparkling ads, trending topics, quizzes, sales, etc. While print media can't quite rely on clickbait to entice readers to pick up a copy of a newspaper or magazine, some have succeeded in capturing people's attention with hilariously unfortunate instances of layout fails. The ill-thought-out combination of completely different images or headlines ends up creating something so wild that you can't help but take a double-take.

Whether these instances of tombstoning were on purpose or completely by accident, the result is often comedic gold. Here are 25 favorite print layout fails that had us LOLing all day:

1. Uh oh

Image Source: Reddit/kastraver


2. Everyone's a winner...

Image Source: Reddit/CultureFunk82


3. Definitely not like this

Image Source: Reddit/kastraver


4. She sure seems happy about it

Image Source: Reddit/Arlaine


5. Come on! That can't be an accident

Image Source: Reddit/thecatscratched


6. You can't trust anyone these days

Image Source: Reddit/ShaniaTwainsAgent


7. Looks like she enjoyed it

Image Source: Reddit/analbumwank


8. Probably not the best place for a cremation ad

Image Source: Reddit/RoxyHjarta


9. Ah yes, a great day for kids

Image Source: Reddit/sluggy_da_blobfish


10. For all your wardrobe needs

Image Source: Reddit/ffs_not_this_again


11. "Hey you're gonna be on the front page"

Image Source: Reddit/B___Jordan___P


12. Ahem ahem

Image Source: Reddit/ToranMallow


13. Pooh's on a rampage

Image Source: Reddit/Arlaine


14. What a monster

Image Source: Reddit/Arlaine


15. Congress is in some dire straits it seems

Image Source: Reddit/Timeroot


16. Pretty gang colors

Image Source: Reddit/Ipeonyourfood


17. Oops

Image Source: Reddit


18. What an exit!

Image Source: Reddit/Duf-e


19. You're a crook, Captain Hook

Image Source: Reddit/MeltedTwix


20. Iowa gambling is out of control

Image Source: Reddit/treppinballz


21. So many drugs, you'll need a shovel!

Image Source: Reddit/mattysull97


22. Uncanny resemblance

Image Source: Reddit/cronus89


23. Mario always was a fan of mushrooms

Image Source: Reddit/RetepNamenots


24. Blessing? Are you sure?

Image Source: Reddit/MelE1


25. Not helping, Kevin

Image Source: Reddit/arkham1010

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