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25 of the funniest moments from live TV that will still leave you in stitches

People on Live TV don't have the chance of retakes which makes it more prone to having hilarious moments.

25 of the funniest moments from live TV that will still leave you in stitches
Cover Image Source: X | @Toridwn95

Live TV events don't allow any retakes, so any mishap is on display for the whole world to see. Years of live TV have shown that this format is full of potential for hilarious errors. Interruptions, forgotten lines, or technical issues are visible to everyone. These mistakes often become legendary and continue to entertain people for years.


With the rise of the internet, the number of live TV shows has significantly decreased. However, some moments' charm lives on forever. So, when @beyoncegarden asked people on X, "What's the funniest moment on live TV you've ever seen?" everyone came together to share some iconic moments. Here are 25 of the most hilarious ones:

1. Wishing a happy birthday gone wrong 


2. Running fail 


3. Not stopping in between words 


4. Unavailable for comment 


5. Completely butchering the pronunciation 


6. Catfight 


7. Ice can be dangerous 


8. Incorrect details 


9. Athletic flop 


10. Not a joke everybody 


11. He will not miss his mom 


12. A bad high-five attempt 


13. Unnecessary information 


14. Trying to get the name correct 


15. Being brutally honest 


16. Weather is going crazy! 


17. Cat is just not having it 


18. Scary lizard 


19. The wrong interviewee 


20. A bug disturbance 


21. Trying to keep it together 


22. Straightforward questions 


23. Child interruption 


24. Getting electrocuted 


25. Falling off the chair 


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