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25 nostalgic tweets that take us on a hilarious road down the memory lane

Certain items from the past, such as old clothes, landline phones, grandma's recipes, and yellowed photo albums, have the power to evoke nostalgia and revive memories.

25 nostalgic tweets that take us on a hilarious road down the memory lane
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Old clothes hidden behind the depths of your closet, your landline phones, grandma's Christmas cookie recipe stuck on your fridge magnet and an album of photos turning yellow under your side table are among some things that can trigger nostalgia and bring back memories. It connects us to the simpler past and might put a smile on our faces in the hardest of times.

Image Source: Pixabay | stokpic
Image Source: Pixabay | stokpic

Thankfully now, with the help of the internet, we can share these images with everyone through social media and give these memories a new life. The "Nostalgia From Your Childhood" Twitter account collects images that may transport you back to your childhood and ignite a blast from your past. To unpack this trunk of nostalgia, here are 25 tweets that bring back memories from your childhood.

1. Sweet ol' wooden spoon 


2. Audio-visual day


3. We could change those?


4. I could never win those


5. Would love some in this heat 


6. Need to barter those again 


7. We didn't have to bring back all  flashbacks


8. A colorful battle 


9. Bring it back!


10. Bring up the volume



11. We can smell this picture 


12. Been there, done that 


13. Guilty as charged 


14. Throwback 


15. My jar was filled with those


16. Survival of the cutest


17. Temple Run v/s Angry Birds v/s Candy Crush


18. They were pretty annoying 


19. These flew me everywhere 


20. That strong * click! *



21. That was some style 


22. Protected it more than my life 


23. It really isn't that long ago...right?


24. The best place to rejuvenate 


25. That hit strong 


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