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25 nostalgic 'then vs now' pictures that depict the strange effect of time on our world

While we as a society have come a long way over the past few decades, some things have been left untouched by time.

25 nostalgic 'then vs now' pictures that depict the strange effect of time on our world
Cover Image Source: Twitter: @TheVsNowPic1

Time is a precious concept and having time with loved ones adds an enhanced touch to life. What was years ago may not always be the same but having people close to one's heart beside them throughout is simply mesmerizing. However, some have the privilege of having a constant for years on end, while others have the luxury of reminiscing an experience all over again. When life gifts one with such moments, they must be captured and stored dearly. They not only add to the memories of life but also become an outstanding nostalgia for generations to come.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio

The "Then Vs Now" Twitter page has done just that. People have shared many moments they have captured where it felt like time stood still. The same surroundings, outfit, partner or even pose from years ago that people got a chance to relive have been clicked and compared to get a heartwarming dose of how far they've come. While there are pictures where nothing has changed, there are others where much has changed but that feeling of nostalgia remains. Here are the top 25 wholesome ones to glance at.

1.  Looking back


2. A treasured life


3. Aged just fine


4. Evolutionary


5. Look how far we've come


6. Some things never change, they only grow


7. As breathtaking as always 


8. Just the same with an added lifetime of experience and love


9. Intertwined in love


10. A rare but nostalgic capture


11. Redefining a ride or die


12. 103 years apart, but the peace still thrives just as before


13. Looking back


14. Some things are too close to the heart to change


15. Living out the promise of "forever"


16. Bonded strong since the WWII


17. Reliving a captured memory 


18. Standing strong 


19. A picture worth a thousand stories and sacrifices


20. Quite a rocky memory 


21. Connecting the past and the present


22. A profound change


23. Homely as ever since the 1900s


 24. Fixing the puzzle of time


25. A historic reminiscence


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