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24 netizens show off their badass elderly relatives who're the epitome of being cool

We could all learn a lesson or two on enjoying life to the fullest from these uber cool seniors who're clearly doing it right.

24 netizens show off their badass elderly relatives who're the epitome of being cool
Cover Image Source: (L)Reddit/BeerNerdGrrl (R)Reddit/angry_sammich

As I—an eternally tired millennial in her late 20s—grow older, I often wonder what kind of a grandparent/grand aunt/cat-lady-next-door I'd be in a few decades' time. Will my youthful rebellion and zest for adventure survive the passage of time or will I spend my later years conforming to agist stereotypes of what old people should do, wear, and consume? While only time will give me the answer to that, if I'm even half as cool as the badass elderly relatives of these 25 netizens, I'd happily consider myself to have been blessed with a life well-lived:

1. "This was how my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary."

Image Source: Reddit/WildRiceBOY920601

2. "The grandparents from this weekend's wedding... no words."

Image Source: Reddit/AgoraApp

3. "I ordered a Wonder Woman costume online. It was a little big for me when it arrived and my grandmother said she wanted to try it on. This is the fabulous result."

Image Source: Reddit/popofcolor

4. "My grandpa at 72 years old."

Image Source: Reddit/couplacuties

5. "My 106-year-old great-great grand-aunt on her 105th birthday. She acts like she's hardly 80."

Image Source: Reddit/angry_sammich


Image Source: Reddit/ignoreamos

6. "Tribute to my 96-year-old grandma that still lives alone and can walk around without a cane walker or wheelchair and who waters her flowers by being lifted up on a tractor. Also, she can remember the thing she ate for dinner 3 years ago... sharp as a tack."

Image Source: Reddit/Dakrpheonix

7. "My Great-Grandmother, born in 1899, never met her, but definitely a legend."

Image Source: Reddit/Nowo17

8. "My 87-year-old step Grandmother decided it was time to get a tattoo."

Image Source: Reddit/Apairofpears

9. "My beautiful Grandma doing the splits after her 80th birthday party last night."

Image Source: Reddit/zornesm

10. "My 97-year-old Great Grandma. She lives alone, drives herself, mows her lawn, loves sexy men, and drinks on the regular! This is her proving she can touch her toes."

Image Source: Reddit/we_love_life

11. "My 60-year-old uncle shredding in Kauai."

Image Source: Reddit/gotanyspuds

12. "My 101-year-old neighbor was so ready for the eclipse."

Image Source: Reddit/lesbiancarwash

13. "My grandad was giving out cookies with his picture on them for his birthday today."

Image Source: Twitter/MayaDanielleP

14. "Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this."

Image Source: Twitter/b_flex14

15. "My Grandmother promised all of us if she made it to 90 she would get a pink mohawk. Well, she made it to 90. Rock on Grandma!"

Image Source: Twitter/BobbyDukeArts

16. "My aunt's first selfie with her first-ever smartphone she got for Christmas."

Image Source: Reddit/beaverkc

17. "Bought my Grandma an iPad. She's 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for 'art.' I bought ArtRage for her and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what I came back to."

Image Source: Reddit/Oxide42

18. "My grandpa is a retired mathematician. He got bored, so he decided to build a castle by hand. It's been like 4 years, but he's gettin' there!"

Image Source: Reddit/kaiklops

19. "74-year-old grandpa doing some BBQ, enjoying life."

Image Source: Reddit/HumanNutrStudent

20. "What my 80-year-old grandmother did when told to 'dress up as a ninja.'"

Image Source: Reddit/fencefold

21. "My 76-year-old grandpa dressed up as Elton John for Halloween. My grandma said it was the first time she put rouge and an earring on her husband."

Image Source: Reddit/BeerNerdGrrl

22. "My grandma texted me saying she was racing today, then sent this picture."

Image Source: Reddit/cam_add

23. "My 96-year-old grandma playing VR for the first time. What a time to be alive!"

Image Source: Reddit/CCIsBetter

24. "My grandma did a keg stand at my brother's graduation."

Image Source: Twitter/MaddieRae5

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