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25 hilarious memes about middle-class dads that are way too real

These 25 wickedly funny memes from the social media platform sum up Dad so well and we can't stop laughing.

25 hilarious memes about middle-class dads that are way too real
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @raddad

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 25, 2023. It has since been updated.

Dads are the unsung heroes of our lives. They perk up our moods and fill them with unbridled joy, TLC, and lots of laughs. Generally, parenting is a shared responsibility but fatherhood sets a new quotient in the books of how kids should be raised. From the pun-laden dad jokes to 'This is what I did back in my day,' they seem to have everything that will tickle your funny bone. Perhaps, this is probably the only thing that all dads communally have in common, that is, humor. It is more like an obligation than something practiced because once you have kids running around the house in knickers, there is a limitation on edgy and racy jokes. But no matter what they say, their comedic timing is always impeccable and leaves you with a genuine snort. 

Everybody loves a good joke, and so do we. This is why we have curated these 25 wickedly funny memes from the Instagram handle @raddad that provide some of the best dad-related content on the internet. Father's Day isn't here yet, but it could be a fun way to embark on the pre-celebrations that might earn you extra dad credits. So here's to all the dads who root for us every day, even if they're too tired for it!  

1. Sorry not sorry


2. Back in our days


3. Utility guy


4. Shower from hell



5. Hold the damn thing properly



6. We're so late



7. The breakfast is complimentary


8. Yeah, that's my son


9. I'll be in the garage Bobby


10. If you know, you know


11. Yep


12. If there is a hole there is a goal



13. Please make yourself at home


14. Oopsies


15. Shake them well first


16. Role model dad 



17. Ultimate form of love



18. Built different



19.  Don't change the channel


20. RIP 💀



21. Killing it



22.  What color is a mirror?



23. There is a pattern on the wall



24. Let me do what I'm doing


25. That's my dawg


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