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25 hilariously adorable pictures of cats that show they are the masters of facial expressions

These cats are usually adorable until they bare their teeth and prove that they are the champ in the game of on-point expressions.

25 hilariously adorable pictures of cats that show they are the masters of facial expressions
Cover Image Source: Reddit | (L) u/ProletarianRevolt | (R) u/tonhja

Cats are definitely one of the most beloved housepets. These cute and cuddly creatures are known to be moody and independent and often dash around the house showing off their antics. These felines delight you with their range of different expressions as well. According to a study, cats can have hundreds of facial expressions during communication. Researchers recorded a total of 276 distinct facial expressions used among a colony of 50 cats living at a cat cafe in Los Angeles.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The felines' faces ranged from playful to aggressive and everything in between, according to the study. Sometimes they are grumpy, sometimes they act like a deer in headlight and sometimes they are simply disoriented and caught off-guard by their owners in camera. For the entertainment of cat lovers from around the globe, there is an apt subreddit called r/scrungycats which is devoted to sharing adorable pictures of cats baring their canines, grimacing or looking slightly confused. Here are 25 of the best pictures from the community that will make the cat lover inside you leap with joy.

1. "Was told that my kitty would be appreciated here!"

Image Source: Reddit |  u/achqillax

2. "My dad took this picture of my cat."

Image Source: Reddit | u/stone_buckett

3. "Vampiric scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/ProletarianRevolt

4. "Very photogenic."

Image Source: Reddit | u/tonhja

5. "Switch to cute and evil."

Image Source: Reddit | u/EnvySugarCover

6. Probably ate everything that box contained

Image Source: Reddit | u/HandTSufferersUnited

7. "At least one of them is normal."

Image Source: Reddit | u/evasivegoat

8. "Only three months old and already a master of scrunge. I’m so proud."

Image Source: Reddit | u/lifeguardbarbie

9. "My cat Finnegan is excited to play with his new toy."

Image Source: Reddit | u/c4nyon

10. "I wanted to share a pic of the late Ollie Bear. I hope this is a worthy scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/ThiccCrumpets

11. Kitty doesn't look too pleased

Image Source: Reddit | u/WARLOCK-1312

12. Probably afraid of heights

Image Source: Reddit | u/WARLOCK-1312

13. "My scrungy boy. Passed on November 1st, this is his only documented scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/chickywinston

14. "Cyber scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/PALADOG_Pallas

15. "Oh lord, he is scrunging."

Image Source: Reddit | u/AnthonyFantasie

16. "The scrungiest TM (you can barely tell he’s only got one eye)!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/Sarkastik-Overlord

17. What made the cat do that?

Image Source: Reddit | u/gasparillatea

18. "Let me in, scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/jounicorn

19. "Alcoholic scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Malcolm137

20. "This cutie is all mine in a week."

Image Source: Reddit | u/messyjessieeee

21. "I gave him a little kiss and that was his reaction."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok_Garage4891

22. "My cat Finnegan saying Cheeeeth."

Image Source: Reddit | u/c4nyon

23. "Mom won’t give me the nuggets."

Image Source: Reddit | u/adrnired

24. "Foster baby scrunge."

Image Source: Reddit | u/namron77

25. "Joined this sub just to share my scrungy foster kitten, Pan."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Just_ME_28