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25 hilarious tweets that are as Canadian as maple syrup

'Happy birthday, America. Oh, our birthday? Yea, it was a few days ago. You forgot again. It's fine. - Canada,' reads one tweet.

25 hilarious tweets that are as Canadian as maple syrup
Cover Image Source: Twitter/ @ThatEricAlper and @SabrinaCBC

There are stereotypes about every country - some true and some just for fun. For Canada, the stereotypes mostly revolve around its abundance of Tim Hortons coffeehouses, maple syrup put on everything, unfailingly polite people and a seemingly endless winter.

Many of you may have already known these things about Canada. But check out some hilarious tweets about the country. These touch upon everything from warnot mess with geese, maple syrup is something that Canadians love, coffee is synonymous with Tim Hortons

people are sure too polite to each other, and people are obsessed with coffee Tim Hortons. Moreover, winters do last for a long time in the country and people are caring towards their neighbors.

Here are the 25 hilarious tweets about Canada that will make you laugh. Many of these tweets have hundreds of likes and retweets and these have been enjoyed by netizens. But that's not all. These tweets will also tell you a lot more about the country, its culture and the life people have in Canada.

1. "Nice car"



2. Again?



3. Danger alert!



4. Lol.



5. That's what neighbors do!



6. Wow!



7. "Geese"



8. So honest



9. That's the way to go!



10. Confused!?



11. Good advice!



12. Will that do?



13. Hello!



14. What next? 



15. Really!?



16. How thoughtful



17. Tim Hortons. Anywhere. Everywhere.



18. Enjoy!



19. Overspeeding kills?



20. That's a lot of options



21. What else?



22. How are you exactly?



23. Hilarious!



24. What about acceptance?



25. Me too sorry.


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