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25 hilarious tweets about how Zoom calls have made human interactions more awkward than ever

Zoom came to the rescue when turmoil surrounded us and helped people stay connected. And this is how it went.

25 hilarious tweets about how Zoom calls have made human interactions more awkward than ever
Image Source: Twitter/TheCatWhisprer

The pandemic changed the way we communicate with each other. Social distancing became a necessity and our interactions became virtual. While the novelty of working from home in our pajamas has worn down, so has our patience with technology. Zoom came to the rescue and kept people connected and our lives continued online despite the turmoil that surrounded us. Throughout the year, we saw both the blessing and curse that is the gift of video conferencing. From bosses that turned into potatoes to lawyers that turned to cats, we've been immensely entertained.




But we're at that point in the pandemic where we can rightfully say that we are tired of Zoom meetings. And there is even an accurate term to describe it, aptly called "Zoom fatigue." Andrew Franklin, an assistant professor of cyberpsychology at Virginia’s Norfolk State University told National Geographic “There's a lot of research that shows we actually really struggle with this.” It has been taking a toll on people, who are coping with it in the best way they know, humor. Here are some of the funniest tweets that are relatable as well if you've spent much of your time on Zoom this past year.

1. We all unlocked this new achievement last year




2. Making sure your boss knows you're still a valuable team player




3. This is what others were subjected to all these days




4. There is the resting bitch face and then there's the smirking bitch face




5. It's "bring your family to work" day, every day




6. It is the new work (p)etiquette 




7. Since you can't see dogs being walked on the streets anyway




8. Let's face it, this is the most valuable input on all Zoom calls




9. Hope this email finds you well? No, it cannot. 




10. ...that's the way we all became the Brady Bunch.




11. It's always happy hour somewhere, especially on a Zoom meeting




12. Not the best way to gas up your friends...but okay




13. At least Zoom knows to give credit for the work you did 




14. This is what it means to dive right in 




15. That's why it's okay to be fashionably late




16. It's the new dress code




17. You can never be too careful. Almost too careful.




18. The new Irish goodbye




19. The real challenge of a Zoom meeting is when it comes to an end




20. Before it gets awkward and you still have all your dignity 




21. The Meta"frog"hosis




22. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!"




23. It's when you realize the meeting could have been an email




24. Introvert evolution.




25. And the cycle never ends.



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