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25 hilarious times when people proved work email culture to be ridiculous and useless

Email exchanges might be an important part of work culture, but they can spawn some hilarious moments as well.

25 hilarious times when people proved work email culture to be ridiculous and useless
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | khunkorn; X | @jodecicry

Office employees might understand the plight of staying stuck in their cubicles six days a week, doing nothing but typing countless emails and reading through them. Moreover, emails not only allow for quick responses but ensure that we maintain track of all incoming and outgoing communications. Now, exchanging skilled emails has become a crucial part of every working professional's life. There is no denying or dodging that. Coming face-to-face with Microsoft Outlook each morning at work has become the norm for every corporate worker. Since the work environment requires people to be more professional with their text conversations and approaches, there is no room for emojis or memes to describe the exact feeling of an employee who has to send a well-crafted email.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Torsten Dettlaff
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Torsten Dettlaff

So, for all the working professionals who are pulling their hairs out in frustration while typing away the umpteenth email of their day, we have combed through X (previously Twitter) to find equally exhausted employees who are simply done curating all the work emails that they are required to send for official purposes. Here is to hoping that these relatable tweets from strangers will help you realize that you are not the only one who feels dead inside while sending and receiving emails, which is a crucial part of your job. So scroll through and feel free to laugh at all the email errors and thoughts every employee gets while sending these business emails that unfortunately can't be simplified with humor.

1. Forgetting the spelling of your name


2. The tragedy of using MS Outlook


3. Best way to transfer the burden of an email


4. The dilemma of opening an email


5. The email found us unwell


6. Hoping the email not to find you


7. Honesty has no place in emails


8. To use it or to not use it?


9. Crafting an email is an art


10. A change might cost everything


11. Time to become a bee


12. Changing the tone of the email


13. Let the potato rest


14. They don't understand vacations


15. You can't be too confident in emails


16. Is it the same thing?


17. More hatred for MS Outlook


18. America works differently


19. A picture speaks a thousand words


20. Both are equally terrible


21. That's what our degrees are worth


22. That might be a risk


23. We hope this person bagged the job


24. Absolutely!


25. Let the email sink in


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