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25 hilarious times people tried and failed to reason against scientific facts

From rockets to evolution, religion to God himself, nothing has been left when it comes to debates and debunking myths on this page.

25 hilarious times people tried and failed to reason against scientific facts
Cover Image Source: Twitter | r/FacebookScience

We have all heard debates around science on the internet, every now and then. However, on r/FacebookScience, people doubted scientific facts but their arguments were disputed and even ridiculed by others. However, it's intriguing to observe how these doubts are met with rebuttals and even ridicule from others. Engaging in scientific debates like these contributes to the expansion of our knowledge and prompts us to question what we thought were established facts.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jaymantri
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jaymantri

With 62,000 followers on Twitter, this platform welcomes individuals to challenge and debate scientific facts on various topics, ranging from rockets to evolution, religion to the existence of God. No subject is off-limits regarding discussions and the debunking of myths on this Twitter handle. The content presented is not only informative but also entertaining and often humorous. Here, we offer the 25 most interesting scientific facts that were initially denied and then met with ridicule, serving as an engaging read for those interested in scientific debates and debunking misconceptions.

1. Are they bored?


2. Another name for it:


3. Medicine or prayer?


4. Say "GOD":


5. Is it?


6. Make your own choice:


7. How do guns work?


8. Debunks:


9. Launches on the moon:


10. The vaccine did it:


11. This is how the evil dead started:


12. Then, I get better:


13. How did this happen?


14. Do you have a map?


15. That's how linear time works:


16. Do you see it now?


17. Let that sink in:


18. Is this for real?


19. How is this happening?


20. Oxymorons:


21. Dragons and dinoasaurs:


22. Why is there still Latin?


23. Once again:


24. The curious case of the vanishing moon:


25. Continental drift:


Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 7, 2023. It has since been updated.

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