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25 times people saw something so hilarious they had to screenshot it

'It'd be nice if you could be as tired as you are in the morning at night, and as awake as you are at night in the morning,' read one message.

25 times people saw something so hilarious they had to screenshot it
Cover Image Source: Reddit and Twitter | targetsamrat and subtweetgOd

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 1, 2023. It has since been updated.

More often than not, we are taking screenshots during the day whenever we find something hilarious on social media. And then, like an unconscious habit, we immediately share them with our friends or family groups. These hilarious screenshots could be anything from Instagram Stories to newspaper snippets or even some comments on a post. It is perhaps one of the best ways to make everyone laugh and spend some time talking about it. On Reddit, people have shared some funniest screenshots on the platform and trust us, they are gold. The posts include comical layouts, conversations and various other hilarious screenshots. They are sure to make you laugh out loud, but more than that, you will be able to relate to each of them. 

These posts talked about the "good old days" as a child to some funny situations when a mother didn't recognize an actor. Many posts have thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments. Even some of them you will want to share with your friends and have a good laugh about it. Check out the best 25 screenshots below:

1. What an idea!

Reddit | u/Mr-Irrevelance
Reddit | u/Mr-Irrelevance


2. Switch, please! 

Reddit | u/L8nighttalk25
Reddit | u/L8nighttalk25


3. So sweet

Reddit | u/[deleted]
Reddit | u/[deleted]


4. 100% accurate

Reddit | u/TrashClear483
Reddit| u/TrashClear483


5. Best dad joke

Reddit | u/[deleted]
Reddit| u/[deleted]


 6. Is he an actor?

Reddit | _ohhSam_
Reddit| _ohhSam_


7. Opposites attract


8. All the time

Twitter | @fvckilostmymind
Twitter| @fvckilostmymind


9. Hates "capitalism"


10. Genius!

Reddit | u/lorven97
Reddit | u/lorven97


11. Dead or alive?

Reddit | u/jungqama
Reddit| u/jungqama


12. Who needs strings?

Reddit | CosmicRift27
Reddit| CosmicRift27


13. That's true

Reddit | u/L8nightalk25
Reddit| u/L8nightalk25


14. 4th of Julie?

Reddit | u/shaykirouise
Reddit| u/shaykirouise


15. Any issues?

Reddit | u/contagiousthought
Reddit| u/contagiousthought


16. Ever thought about this

Reddit | u/mrwnomega
Reddit| u/mrwnomega


17. What are the chances?

Reddit | u/Depression-R-Us
Reddit| u/Depression-R-Us


18. Send it, please!

Reddit | All_the_glitter
Reddit| All_the_glitter


19. Is my whole life a lie?

Reddit | u/tf_happens
Reddit| u/tf_happens


20. Fact

Reddit | u/Bloody-Legendz
Reddit| u/Bloody-Legendz


21. It wasn't mine!

Reddit | u/targetsamrat
Reddit| u/targetsamrat


22. Around??

Reddit | u/jungqama
Reddit| u/jungqama


23. Red or orange?

Reddit | u/[deleted]
Reddit| u/[deleted]


24. Oh no!

Reddit | u/miqdad1
Reddit| u/miqdad1


25. Stop it!

Reddit | u/kaylee005
Reddit | u/kaylee3005

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