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25 hilarious posts from Ryanair’s social media that prove why they are best in the game

The airline is popular for one more thing other than its affordable fares, the absolutely hilarious social media accounts.

25 hilarious posts from Ryanair’s social media that prove why they are best in the game
Cover Image Source: Twitter | Ryanair

When purchasing your tickets online, you will likely be offered additional amenities such as extra luggage, upgraded seating and in-flight meals multiple times. However, it's important to keep in mind that the airfare itself is incredibly affordable. With Ryanair, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for - a no-frills flight from point A to point B that allows you to save a significant amount of money. One area where Ryanair sets itself apart from its competitors, in addition to offering the world's lowest airfares, is its strong presence on social media.

This low-cost airline not only holds a particular place in the hearts of many Europeans, but it also runs a few social media profiles that are completely hilarious. We've compiled a selection of 25 of the funniest and most self-aware posts from their social media.

1. They know how to woo 'em


2. Got a point


3. That was quick


4. To be or not to be?


5. An attitude to go by


6. Alright then


7. We get the hint


8. Stop!!!


9. Promoting less screen time


10. Enough of self-loathing 


11. Bend 'em now


12. Deep burns


13. Them notorious claps


14. Financial cripplers crying


15. They did it again


16. Have to agree now


17. You heard them


18. Gotta say, updated more than any other news platform


19. The honesty


20. What say?


21. Those campaigns


22. On a serious note though, he's got a point


23. Need more room


24. Pay for it!


25. Excuse me?


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