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25 hilarious photos of teachers taking up weird positions in the classroom is cracking up the internet

Teachers have a job to do it and most of it involves standing in class, which naturally ends with them taking up weird positions.

25 hilarious photos of teachers taking up weird positions in the classroom is cracking up the internet
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@_jennifer_b22/@sanaexo_

Are you tired of boring pictures of teachers standing in front of chalkboards with their hands folded neatly? Look no further! In this article, we've compiled 25 hilarious photos of teachers caught in wonderfully weird positions, all thanks to some cheeky students with a knack for perfect timing. From teachers doing splits mid-lesson to instructors striking dramatic poses on their desks, these photos are sure to leave you in stitches. We've even got a few shots of teachers lying on their desks. In a world where teachers often hold all the power, it's refreshing to see young people find ways to inject some humor and lightheartedness into the classroom.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh out loud as we take a look at 25 of the most wonderfully weird positions captured on camera by some of the cheekiest students around. Get ready to see your teachers in a whole new light!

1. What it takes to match his flexibility!



2. Well, well, well, this teacher was this close to pulling off the splits! 



3. Looks like he's attempting to drop some deep philosophical bombs



4. Yo, check out those legs!



5. These students are like little ducklings mimicking every move of their feathered leader!



6. He channel his inner Tom Cruise and hop on the desk



7. Teacher's ready to break it down!



8. When the students are more teacher-like than the teacher!



9. Just giving his back a good ol' stretch!



10. The student is likely trying to contain their unstoppable bouts of laughter.



11. Might've been mistaken for a yoga guru!



12. When the bell rings and you still haven't made it to the loo, you know you're in for a long and uncomfortable class!



13. He's striking poses like a top-notch runway star!



14. Can every instructor pull off this awesome pose?



15. And they wonder why we find math so challenging...



16. Be sure to do a headstand before the lesson begins - it's a real hoot!



17. It's an energy-draining task for sure!



18. This brave student was prepared to face the consequences of a detention



19. He's definitely spouting off about aerodynamics!



20. This teacher isn't one for the usual sitting and standing routine.



21. He's taking the catwalk by storm - quite literally!



22. Cozying up in a snug spot is essential



23. Without a doubt, the most ordinary one!



24. Please sit down



25. His fabulous split is being restricted by his trousers!



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