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25 hilarious photos of animals that completely reveal their mischievous and stubborn side

Animals are known to be mischievous and playful and these amusing pictures are living proof of the fact.

25 hilarious photos of animals that completely reveal their mischievous and stubborn side
Cover Image Source: X | @mischiefanimals

Animals make everything infinitely times better with their presence. They give humans the unconditional love they need to survive in this world, which is not marred with any greed, just pure companionship from both sides. But it is not always all goody two shoes, as sometimes, they take their owners on a ride with their antics. The proof of this can be found on the popular social media handle "animals going goblin mode," which goes by @mischiefanimals on X (previously known as Twitter). This page is filled with adorable animals engaging in all kinds of naughty stuff to get on their human's nerves. But more often than not, it ends up putting a smile on their faces.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexandra Bilham
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexandra Bilham

The posts do not leave any animal off the table. Cats and dogs all are there to make viewers go ROFL. It is a treasure mine of adorable behavior displayed by the beings. The posts show that animals are creatures of many talents. They can keep it simple or get weird depending on their mood. One look at this page and all the animal lovers will find their blues far away in the abyss. It clearly proves beyond a doubt that life with these creatures will never be boring. Here are 25 photos from the account that have the adorable animals putting their naughtiest foot forward.

1. Who's the boss?


2. Treats trump everything


3. Parrot was the best student of his class


4. Kissing is a matter of practice


5. Too realistic for the kiddo


6. There is only one place for one boss kitten


7. No interest other than me


8. Only one aim


9. Where do you think you are going?


10. Being wet is not an option


11. Treats are the love of his life


12. Ears for miles


13. Being cool is their lifestyle


14. Being awake was not on the memo


15. What are you looking at?


16. Best view to wake up to


17. Better than FLASH


18. Goose: the protector


19. Eyeing the competition


20. Expression better than the actors


21. Best day of his life


22. They are aware of everything


23. You are supposed to help me


24. Begging for treats will never go out of style


25. Starving for attention


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