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25 times people gave their pets hilarious names and we can't stop laughing

Many pet names begin as a joke or a misconception, while others are inexplicably insulting to your furry companion.

25 times people gave their pets hilarious names and we can't stop laughing
Cover Image Source: Reddit / u/13707892

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 30, 2023. It has since been updated.

Dog names are fun to think of, especially if you are on a silly streak and want to go beyond generic names like Luna, Bruno, and Bella. Many pet names begin as a joke or a misconception, while others are inexplicably insulting to your furry companion. However, for pets and their owners, nicknames share a special place in our hearts. But, it is to be noted that there is a thin line between funny and insulting, so it is better if you think of a proper name beforehand. You do not want to name your rottweiler 'bubbles,' right?  Calling a rottweiler 'bubbles' is both funny and embarrassing at the same time, and we do not want a 'man's best friend' to feel embarrassed when all they do is comfort us. 

You have come to the right place if you are always googling or are out of creative pet names. Reddit user Sigma_Rho asked the veterinarians on Reddit to share some hilarious names of pets they have heard. If you scroll down, you will find a list of the funniest pet names given by other users, and maybe you can get some inspiration for when your mom allows you to keep a pet.


1.  Glitter, the rottweiler

Had a neighbor once who had two massive Rottweilers and allowed their young daughter to name them -- Big Dog and Glitter. - u/ justGusCos

2.  A tortoise from Hogwarts

Someone once posted on Twitter that their mom took their pet tortoise to the vet and was too embarrassed to say its name was Voldetort so she told them it was Susan ._. - u/fooduvluv

3. Wiggles

Every year the Boston Bruins put out a calendar of the players with either their own dog or shelter dogs. One player was this big German defenseman who posed with his dogs, Wiggles and Bubbles Lollipop. - u/live_free_or_pie

4. A furry chicken salad

My friend used to have a cat named Chicken Salad. He currently owns a cat named Grandma. - u/danimusRex


5. The walking terror 

Vet tech here. Best one was a tiny little Chihuahua named "Bone Crusher." He was owned by an amateur body builder. Guy was like 6'4" and close to 300 lbs. Funny situation all in all. - u/youMightKnowOfMe

6. Try not to laugh

Wanker. A terrier mix who was actually pretty cool and not a wanker in any sense. Also a blind and deaf dog named Helen Smeller.  - u/prettyButEmpty

7. Beautiful piece of toast

Dog in my service dog class was named toast. - u/(delted)

8.  This is my cat, bastard.

Vet tech here, we did a minor surgery on a cat named Bastard yesterday. Nowhere near the top but I can't remember the ridiculous ones off the top of my head. - u/unusuallylost


9.  King Alt-Tab I

Not a vet, but my husband named a feral tabby cat we adopted Alt-Tab because he'd make us switch from whatever task we were working on when he wanted attention or food. - u/(delted)

10. Chairman of Flufftown

Saw a poster for a missing cat named Chairman Meow. - u/(deleted)


11. Acqua 'diogi'

worked at a daycare, my favorite was "diogi" (d-o-g) - u/47h3157

12. Former President of America

My dog’s name is Bark Obama. -u/atreddit13

13. Woofgang Puck

My personal favourite is a dog named Woofgang, which inspired me to name my cat Meowzart. -u/ubercanucksfan

14. Still a pretty name

I met a cat named Maybelline at the vet which I thought was a great name because it comes with a built-in theme song. Like someone walks into the room and says, "Who knocked over the vase?" And you sing, "Maybe it's Maybelline." -u/13707892


15. You're a lizard Harry

Not a vet but saw Lizard named Harry. As in yer a Lizard Harry. -u/(deleted)

16. What's your pet peeve?

I always wanted to have an animal named peeve so I could say "this is my pet peeve" - u/nmvalerie



17. Time to get Batman spayed

Not a vet, but if any of the ladies from our vet place were here, they'd probably tell the story of me bringing in my sister's cat to be spayed. And I had to look them in the eyes and tell them this tiny, buzzing calico girl was named "Batman." As the lady behind the counter put it, "We've had a couple other pets named Batman. None of them were girls, though." As to why her name was Batman, my sister, who was in her 30's at the time, just insisted repeatedly that "Batman is a cool name for a girl." -u/AndoraAnaheim

18.  Karen from finance

I have some friends who have a cat named Greg from Accounting. -u/FriedPorkchop


19. Big B

I work at a vets, we had to do a call back for advice on a cat named Ballbag. -u/pippabeemine

20. Goddamnit Bandit

My aunt had a dog named Bandit. Every year they'd go camping with Bandit and there was a family that always was in a spot near them. The family had this little girl who, for some reason, couldn't say Bandit and instead called the dog "Dammit". - u/tappytapper


21. We only respond to butter, sir

Not a vet, but work at a vet clinic (kennel worker). We had two dogs come in named "Peanut Butter" (male) and "Butter Cookie" (female). Both responded exclusively to "Butter." Another time, we had a mean pom named "Puppylove." -u/chernoushka

22. He is a composer on the side.

This has inspired me to name a dog Johann Sebastian Bark. -u/Gizholm



23. Whitney Meowston

Our cat's name is Feline Dion. We would've named her Meowdona had we known what a diva she was going to be. -u/twitchy_taco

24. My lunchbox barks

Not a Vet, but I do work with animals. We had a dog named Lunchbox. Still can’t get over that. - u/yumyummers


25. Miss Dumptruck

my aunt and uncle used to have a lovely white cat named Dumptruck. i miss Dumptruck -u/bigblackkittie

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