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25 hilarious moments where drunk people surprised us with their wholesome acts

From impulsive decisions to comical mishaps, these moments will take you on a nostalgic road of drunken days.

25 hilarious moments where drunk people surprised us with their wholesome acts
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @alcohol.memes

If there's one thing we've all learned in life, it's not to take any major decisions while being drunk. When alcohol enters the picture, inhibitions take a hike and our filters go on vacation, leaving us prone to impulsive actions and questionable verbal choices. Yet, there are those brave souls who never learn and continue to embrace the delightful embrace of it, swearing by its magical powers to conquer social awkwardness and anxiety. But fear not, for the Internet has bestowed upon us a precious gift: the endless parade of drunken escapades and memes.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |  ELEVATE
Representative Image Source: Pexels | ELEVATE

Social media users across different platforms have shared the funniest memes depicting intoxicated individuals losing their minds, making obnoxious purchases, crafting drunken crafts, or turning into an overall mess. If you've heard the adage, "Hangovers are temporary, but drunk stories are forever," you're in for a treat because these 25 memes compiled by Buzzfeed below will take you on a journey filled with cherished drunken memories similar to those you had in college.

1. Me and bae, rice


2. A drunk pair of artistic eyes


3. Stealth mode has been compromised


4. Junkie friend group


5. Sorry not sorry


6. That's the exorcist


7. Drinking in broad daylight


8. The dancers at the club


9. “Thats decor you foo” 


10. It's that time of the week


11. Making 'em proud


12. The "real" me

13.  The drunken environmentalist


14. Chicken fingers dipped in beer


15. The flagrant liars


16. "This is just too much for me."


17. No money left


18. Stripped off all bodily senses


19. Right in the feels


20. Come drunk, to drink


21. "Try me"


22. Sharing is caring


23. Beer showers are supreme


24. The hungriest man alive


25. "So proud of you, son"


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