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25 hilarious and relatable memes that accurately explain the joy of the summer season

Summers are here, and so we bring to you these tweets that discuss it all: sunscreen, pools, and vacations.

25 hilarious and relatable memes that accurately explain the joy of the summer season
Cover Image Source: (L) Twitter | @janey_valdez; (R) Twitter | @NoContextBrits

Summers are here, an official season of enjoying, when the kids build their sand castle, go swimming and relish time with their grandparents. It is also the time to have chilled beverages, go on vacations to cool places and beat the scorching heat.

According to SWNS, the survey conducted by OnePoll "on behalf of the Chinet brand revealed that 35 percent are more likely to avoid socializing in the winter months than in the summer ‒ so it's no surprise that three in 10 only make it to one or two social events in the average winter month. Moreover, results found the average American is 31 percent more social overall in the summer than they are in winter."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | KoolShooters
Representative Image Source: Pexels | KoolShooters

Furthermore, the best part about summer is that we all have similar ways to deal with it, which does not change much over time. For this reason, we have collected some of the funniest and most relatable tweets about summer. Just sip your cool beverages and scroll through these tweets to remind yourself of the joy ride that is summer:

1. I don't do busy:


2. Grab an angry raccoon: 


3. Depp vs Scarves:


4. Pick you up, soon:


5. Taking notes:


6. All sharks are on TV:


7. I feel safe now:


8. Summers are coming:


9. It's past my bedtime, sorry:


10. Summer break week:


11. Are they thinking about me?


12. To-do list - wake up and choose violence:


13. Mommmm:


14. Trying to change:


15. British summer:


16. We need summer vacations:


17. Also, no:


18. Mosquitos, I have another idea:


19. It's hot in here:


20. Summers are cute:


21. No more summer holidays= graduation:


22. Full of (false) hope:


23. Watermelons aren't pumpkins:


24. Americans trained the bats:


25. Family and camping:


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