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25 hilarious memes about student life that have got us laughing through tears

Here are some universal problems faced by students wrapped up in the equally universal language of memes.

25 hilarious memes about student life that have got us laughing through tears
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Humor State University

There is never a boring moment when you are a student, from sitting up all night preparing for examinations to navigating the maze of course schedules. Not to mention the often difficult-to-remember gatherings, maintaining relationships and priceless experiences that go along with them. With so many opportunities to experience, it is no surprise that university culture has served as the basis for countless memes and jokes. Learning about a certain subject is only one aspect of being a student; you can also improve emotionally, physically, philosophically and socially. Student life is full of pleasant experiences that mold our characters and guide us in our future ambitions, in addition to sleepless nights and other hardships.

As they deal with numerous academic, social and personal challenges, students may find university or college life a bit stressful and overwhelming. When this happens, humor is a useful key! It can provide students with a much-needed respite from the monotony of their daily academic schedules and foster a feeling of community among them. These memes, we hope, are exactly what you need right now. The funniest memes, messages and jokes regarding college and university life are shared on the Facebook page Humor State University. This page has you prepared for everything from the funny moments to the all-too-familiar hardships. For your daily dose of humor and nostalgia, scroll down!

1. Easy way out


2. For real though


3. Here we go again


4. English in taste


5. Relate the max


6. Time flies 


7. Priorities matter 


8. We aren't the same


9. Ah, so hectic


10. First time eh?


11. *yawn-yawn*


12. Deep sorrow my child


13. Go on Prof!


14. OOOF


15. Bruh moment


16. Life flashing before eyes


17. Things we all felt


18. Tough life


19. Leave us alone


20. It's an adventure sport


21. Too many balls in the court 


22. Because a piece of paper can't decide our future. Can it?


23. Lost in the course


24. Best way to dodge bad grades


25. Spoiling the game


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