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These 24 hilarious memes about problems adults face is so relatable

Becoming an adult comes with its own problems and these hilarious memes illustrate that perfectly.

These 24 hilarious memes about problems adults face is so relatable
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 19, 2023. It has since been updated.

As a child, we always wonder how cool it would be to be an adult. But once we grow up, we realize it isn't actually that great. One has to go through uncomfortable situations every day. Growing up includes working full-time, having no time for self-care and living from one paycheck to the next, which is not always fun. A Facebook page called Adult Problems addresses the myriad of problems adults face or worry about with a sprinkling of humor thrown in. It calls attention to everyday issues like not wanting to work and having back issues to all our friends getting married while we wonder what's taking so long for our soulmate to find us. Although some might seem like first-world problems, the posts are hilarious and something that anyone can relate to. 

The Facebook page has about 3,91,000 followers and 3,15,000 likes. Most of the posts have more than 200 shares and several comments. We have compiled the best posts for you here:

1. Never wanted to work


 2. You're not my mom


3. Back problems 


4. It's my money


5. Shower - clean yourself


6. Self-care comes first


7. It's a secret


8. Age is just a number



9. That's enough savings


10. Doing the bare minimum at work


11. No to "work on vacation"


12. Survival it is! 


13. Excuse me!?


14. That's true


15. Pizza party


16. Every single day


17. Why so expensive?


18. Yes!


19. Can't afford a life with a job



20. Well played indeed!


21. It's time to leave


22. New Year resolutions


23. Want it all


24. Car cleaning


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