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25 hilarious examples of signage fails resulting in unintentional comedy

See how the meanings of messages hilariously change altogether when parts of some sign boards get burned out.

25 hilarious examples of signage fails resulting in unintentional comedy
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/R-code

Signboards in public places or on buildings are crucial for conveying important information. Over time, these signs can get damaged or partially destroyed, often due to lack of maintenance. When the lights burn out, the signs end up displaying hilarious and unintended messages, turning these mishaps into comedy gold.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Big-Team1201
Image Source: Reddit | u/Big-Team1201

If you love the humor from malfunctioning, burnt-out signs, there's a subreddit just for you. "r/misLED" is filled with posts showcasing hilarious signs with faulty lights. Here are 25 of the funniest ones from the forum that will surely make you laugh.

1. Building on drugs 

2. Not five anymore 

3. Ummm...really?! 

4. Time to pay respects 

5. Dangerous mart 

6. 'Lizzard warning' 

7. Try it out 

8. Not a place you want to stay at 

9. Eating suggestion 

10. A different kind of fuel station 

11. Peedway 

12. Read it out loud 

13. The beginning of something wonderful 

14. Spag facts 

15. Disco parts 

16. Not very hygienic 

17. Another scary gas station 

18. A unique twist to 'Dragon King' 

19. A compliment in a sign 

20. "Die smart"

21. Lies and fish 

22. TOOT 

23. Burge 

24. Going to the 'harmacy' 

25. A really long time in the bathroom 

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