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25 hilarious comics that perfectly capture the everyday realities of life as a cat owner

Dive into the whimsical world of feline companionship with a collection of 25 relatable comics by the talented illustrator Nick Filippou.

25 hilarious comics that perfectly capture the everyday realities of life as a cat owner
Cover Image Source: Facebook | I iz cat

If you are a cat owner, you might be well acquainted with the bitter-sweet relationship you develop with your furry friend. However, cats can be great pets as well. They have the ability to calm you down as your emotional support kitty and provide you with entertainment while displaying their crazy antics. They are low-maintenance mostly compared to dogs, independent but at the same time, affectionate towards their owners. Funnily enough, it all depends on the mood of a cat.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Inge Wallumrød
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Inge Wallumrød

While they can curl up quietly in your lap and enjoy a show you have been watching lately, they can also become a menace by interrupting you while you are typing away on your laptop with a strict deadline for your work. Whatever the situation, artist Nick Filippou has made a one-panel comic about it. Filippou's illustrations revolve around his rescue cat Minnie, who serves as the inspiration behind his side-splitting comic series titled "I Iz Cat."

The artist has drawn everything from the innermost thoughts of a cat while they are alone to Minnie's habit of fighting with the "blanket monster" as her owner is trying to sleep. Long story short, every feline aficionado will be able to relate to Filippou's comics along with the joys and woes of owning a cat. We have listed 25 of his funniest comic panels that guarantee to ignite the cat lover within you if you don't have a furball running around your home already.

1. Catching a cat is way easier than you think


2. Finding the signs of your cat being a killer


3. It's always sad when you have to leave your kitty behind


4. That is an adorable-looking devil


5. Cats can speak many languages when they are hungry


6. When they continue to meow for no reason at all


7. Your cat works better than your alarm clock


8. When the humans can't make up their mind


9. Cats are social companions when they feel like it


10. Cats fighting off with the blanket monsters


11. Everything in your house belongs to your cat


12. The only life goal they have


13. Mice are better gifts than a bouquet of roses


14. What if your cat tries to cosplay as a human?


15. Cats are just like our human babies


16. We wish our life was so simple and unproductive


17. They are experts in ruining your work for fun


18. Cat tells their humans to hit the gym, politely


19. Cats only have four moods


20. We guess the cat did not get along with the flower pot


21. A single meow can heal a hundred wounds


22. Cats get anxious when a human baby is about to arrive


23. They find joy in little things


24. Sometimes, they become an agent of chaos


25. Little bugs terrify the hell out of them


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