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25 hilarious comics offering sarcastic realities that all digital designers can relate to

Being a digital designer is quite a task. An artist has illustrated funny comics to reveal the crazy journey and here are the most epic ones.

25 hilarious comics offering sarcastic realities that all digital designers can relate to
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @DT_comic

With the advancement of technology and the budding field of digitization, several youngsters and adults are aspiring to work in content creation and design. Designing is undoubtedly an efficient profession, which has its set of skills and understanding. With intricacies, originality, and innovation to add, it is not easy to step into digital design. Right from using the right apps, understanding the consumer base and so on, there are specific things one needs to be aware of. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| George Milton
Representative Image Source: Pexels| George Milton

Having to maintain a brand image, the advent of AI, having to work for challenging clients and so on are just a few of the trials a digital designer may face. However, it is indeed a vibrant and creative field to explore. Design Thinking Comic - a viral and budding digital designing entity–that goes on X by @DT_comic–has been creating comics for fellow digital designers to share and depict the trials this career brings. With unique, sarcastic and hilarious comics, every designer will relate to these factors that are a part of the journey. Here are 25 best comics from the designer to chuckle up on. 

1. Just software things


2. So many catches and loopholes, designing is a tedious job


3. At least he wasn't lying 


4. The start of every project ever


5. Striving to keep it fresh 


6. From one thing to the next and the next and the next...


7. The secret to a designer's brainstorming


8. The love and need for grids


9. Talk about company provisions


10. When it's just not your time to shine yet 


11. Design out, client orders in 


12. The inseparable bond between designers and Lorem Ipsum


13. Every designer's nightmare


14. Averting crisis until later


15. When you're good at designing but not in front of the camera 


16. The lie about the word 'quick' in corporate life


17. When the client just isn't 'feeling it yet'


18. When the last job matters above everything else


19. There's just got to be a catch 


20. Impatient clients and superiors are part of the journey


21. The ideation phase means nothing, you have to get work done


22. The reality of the design process


23. Oh well...


24. Employees' health comes first?


25. Designer's block and bad timing 


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