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25 hilarious and sarcastic comic strips from everyday life that can brighten up a dull day

This artist is creating some relatable and minimal comic panels that guarantee to make anyone laugh out loud.

25 hilarious and sarcastic comic strips from everyday life that can brighten up a dull day
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Herta Burbe

Editor's note: This article was originally published on September 8, 2023. It has since been updated.

Memes and jokes consistently provide us with endless entertainment. In today's world, memes have become a necessity for every occasion. However, if you're pondering what might surpass the appeal of memes, the answer lies in the timeless charm of classic comic strips. They offer a unique blend of storytelling and humor, often featuring beloved characters and settings that have become ingrained in popular culture.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | khairul nizam
Representative Image Source: Pexels | khairul nizam

Herta Burbe, a Lithuanian artist, is making some single-panel internet comic strips that are quite popular online. The illustrator is popular on social media for taking inspiration and humor from everyday life and portraying it in her work. Some are genuinely funny, some are a little edgy and some of these comics are painfully relatable. So sit back, relax and scroll through Burbe's best and most hilarious panels and have a good laugh to brighten up your day.

1. Maybe we are invading someone's privacy


2. The mermaid always wins the swimming race


3. How to keep Dracula at bay?


4. What if aliens abducted us for this?


5. Tooth fairies are getting strange these days


6. This is how zebras got their print


7. The cat doesn't spare the monster under the bed


8. Poor three-headed dragon


9. The phoenix seems the most excited out of all


10. Following the lady with a duck face


11. Sleeping is difficult in all scenarios


12. The rabbit has nowhere to hide


13. Cats never truly evolved, did they?


14. Sending the wrong bird for the flying course


15. Global warming these days be like


16. Never kill the helpful spider at your home


17. Letting out your emotions at the therapist


18. Buttons go missing on holidays


19. Petriarchy over patriarchy any day!


20. Cats need trees for a reason


21. When you vibe well on the first date


22. Which stork delivered the baby?


23. Be careful around icebergs


24. Cats are always fond of scratching


25. It never works at one go


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