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25 handpicked 'iconic posts' that are a testament to the internet's unique brand of humor

Check out these 25 memes and images from the 'iconic posts' account on X that showcase the brutally funny side of the internet.

25 handpicked 'iconic posts' that are a testament to the internet's unique brand of humor
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @origins_audio

Anybody who spends a considerable amount of time on the internet will know how one can stumble upon pages where all it takes is one post to pull you down a road of endless content consumption. Once you start going through this type of content, it becomes extremely easy to lose track of time and go deeper into the digital realm. It represents a certain kind of beauty that is unique to the internet, because of the sheer amount of information that it has accumulated over the years.


The "iconic posts" account on X is one such place where a person will find themselves scrolling endlessly. The page offers a selection of unique, memorable and quirky memes that the internet has accumulated over time. A large majority of them are images that are sure to incite laughter from most people. The page has over 890k followers and has proven to be one of the most appreciated pages on X. Here are 25 of the best memes that the page has to offer:

1. Clearly a bedbug


2. Comments about a man's hair


3. Using Shazam in church


4. Dealing with a scammer


5. Windows updates


6. A surprising call 


7. The struggles of a sixth grader


8. Calling out bad sleep schedules 


9. Plan for a working day


10. Losing their last dollar 


11. Honest but desperate job application 


12. Extended break


13. Being Lady Gaga


14. Honest delivery person


15. Conspiracy theory


16. An unexpected guest


17. Proving their point 


18. Discreet delivery 


19. Dangerous games 


20. Query about groceries


21. Unique university naming


22. Benefits of a folding phone 


23. Review accusation 


24. Tipping god 


25. Dog in headphones 


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