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25 funny posts aptly depicting the pain of returning to work after Christmas and New Year's break

Sometimes, all we need to feel better about our situation is to know that we aren't the only ones struggling.

25 funny posts aptly depicting the pain of returning to work after Christmas and New Year's break
Cover Image Source: Twitter | (L) @toddowyoung, (R) @icy__gee

The biggest holiday season of the year just ended. With Christmas and New Year's just passing, the whole corporate world is coping to rejoin their life at the workplace again. This transition is easier for some than others. While some people feel rejuvenated and energized by the world after a long break of almost ten days, most people just dread that they will now need to return and work in their offices after such a wonderful break. But what happens when not only do you need to rejoin the office after said break but also have to respond to emails and conversations from your fellow employees

Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cotton-bro studio

Many people took to social media to elaborate on how they felt when they had to continue conversations and deliver on orders made before the vacation - because it is too difficult to get over the vacation vibe. However, we have scoured the internet and found your funniest memes, tweets and posts about people's points of view about rejoining the office after a long break for Christmas and New Year's. We promise you that this list of 25 memes from the internet will help you feel better about being at the office after holidays.

1. But at least I am alive


2. Everyone votes yes


3. No memory at all


4. Pretty please?


5. That's got to hurt


6. Good to see you...NOT


7. All in the same boat


8. Sounds hurtful

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9. Us @everyone


10. Oops


11. Copy, paste, send


12. I was well until this email


13. Which one are you?


14. Who doesn't, Aubrey?


15. Or maybe ten


16. No one told us about it


17. Three cheers for them


18. "Feeling fine"


19. Live in the present


20. What do I need to do for God to give me what I want?


21. Hands up


22. I hope from the bottom of my heart


23. Um, yes?


24. Like Ross Gellar said, "I am fine"


25. So happy to be back


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